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Bloodwood High School is hosting a radical reunion at the ultra-exclusive VIP club, The Edge of Eternity. The party's theme will be a totally tubular '80s second-chance prom. The former Killer Bees of Bloodwood High are dusting off their old high school formals. They will soon stroll down the red carpet and push through the elegant entrance of the posh club. While listening to the '80s hits, they will share flaming hot gossip, munch on to-die-for delectable offerings, and show off their accomplishments since graduation long ago.
Phoenix Picklestein, the head of the planning committee and a familiar face to all the former classmates, has thoughtfully included you on the guest list. Of course, there are many people you have no interest in ever seeing again as long as you walk the Earth, but you've weighed your options and have sent in your RSVP card to secure your spot. This is where your story begins.

We've shopped some threads for ya: 

High School Reunion Attendees:


Tanning Salon Owner

Phoenix Picklestein is the overzealous organizer of the Bloodwood High School reunion. Unfortunately, Phoenix has been taking the role a bit too seriously and has gone over the top with catering, decorations, and an itinerary of activities scheduled down to the minute. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those in Phoenix’s inner circle, as this business owner is a self-proclaimed foodie and event planner.

Phoenix owns Tantastic Rays – a tanning salon with ten private rooms with UV-blasting beds – all equipped with a sound system, fan, full-length mirrors, and complimentary personal amenities.

Phoenix was prom royalty and one of the popular kids at Bloodwood High. Phoenix hopes to relive the glory days and recapture some of the attention they used to receive. 

There are rumors that Phoenix might be struggling financially because of a drastic drop in the client base of the tanning salon. Many people have theories about what is happening, but the truth may unveil itself at the reunion.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: 80s prom attire, or you can say you just left work and wear a tropical tree costume, a uniform shirt with Tantastic Rays nametag, or any other business casual attire. 


Traveling Musician

Everyone was surprised that Cam Tinkleheimer, the shy and reserved wallflower at every school function, returned the RSVP to Phoenix Picklestein for the upcoming Bloodwood High School Reunion. It isn't easy to engage with Cam, as they've always struggled to fit in with others – especially given that they are an over-the-top germaphobe who can't go a minute without sanitizing their hands.

Cam's only bit of normalcy is while on stage performing music. Cam is a one-person cover band that writes, produces, and performs original songs. When not on the road or performing at events, Cam is a regular act at The Shadow's Den, a dive bar in town. Cam will ask the crowd for requests but usually doesn't know how to play the songs.

Cam tends to write darkly-themed songs and, on occasion, performs them during gigs to the crowd's dismay. This introverted musician is also known for changing the lyrics of popular songs when performing them, which can be disturbing. 

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: ‘80s prom attire. Or, you can say you performed this afternoon and wear mismatched patterned clothes (plaid shirt, striped pants, mismatched socks).


Technology Entrepreneur

Since receiving the announcement, Jordan Wigglesworth hasn’t stopped posting on social media about the upcoming reunion of Bloodwood High School. 

Jordan is a teenage nerd-turned-tech tycoon who cannot wait to show off their success to the former hallway bullies. Jordan is a multi-millionaire who made it big with their second tech start-up, Questworks – the world’s most successful standalone interactive entertainment and gaming corporation, serving over five hundred million monthly active users. 

Jordan usually has a pocket-size drone to capture and post real-time feeds on social media. Jordan wears custom-made augmented reality glasses that show their net worth in real-time, personal follower counts, subscriber counts, and engagement on social media. Jordan has a signature dance move that mimics typing on an invisible keyboard called Tech Prowess 3000 – a nod to the early days of 20-hour days of coding before the millions were in the bank.

Jordan's company employs many at-home video game testers worldwide. One happens to be a former classmate and Killer Bee of Bloodwood High (Sage Schnitzel).  But Jordan is the type of CEO that doesn't mingle with subordinates, so they aren't close and haven't spoken since high school. 

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: (M) Vibrant-colored, oversized jacket with padded shoulders, shirt, bowtie, and slim-fitted pants.

(F) Voluminous taffeta or satin dress with oversized accessories and huge hair.


Psychology Professor

Alex Snakefright held on to the announcement of the Bloodwood High Reunion until the final day of the RSVP period. Alex finally decided to attend and will be there with bells on. Many people have sarcastically commented that they cannot wait to be around Alex’s smug superiority complex.

Alex is a professor at Ivydale University in the Psychology Department who always thinks they are the most intelligent person in the room. However, Alex’s memory doesn’t quite keep up with the intellect prowess, as they can’t even remember what they had for dinner the night before or their neighbor of ten years’ name. Alex was a superstar soccer player in high school but hasn’t been much for sports or physical fitness since graduation. Alex probably decided to attend the reunion to siphon off a bit of their former glory of being an athlete. Alex is a bit of a hoarder and doesn’t have many friends.

Alex has many research projects at the university and has recently sent a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal for publication. However, some people do not want this study to be made public. Also, some folks have said Alex might be studying mind control. Let's all hope that it will be a failure. 

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: (M) Tailored suit, plum color or other, subtle herringbone or striped. Crisp white shirt with oversized collar. Matching trousers and a pipe for an accessory.

(F) Tailored, plum, satin gown with huge up-do hair and reading glasses.



Hayden Noodles was always known as a rebellious outlaw at Bloodwood High School. Hayden is excited to go to the reunion to show they've patched up their sordid reputation, and today they are an established screenwriter. Albeit Hayden looks the same, drives the same car, and has all the same bad habits that they did in high school, so Hayden has an uphill battle as far as social re-branding goes. Hayden tends to get anxious and does not like enclosed spaces. If Hayden gets nervous, the awkward and rude comments will start to flow unfiltered, as that is their only coping mechanism. Hayden boasts about the scripts they have written, but to date- they have yet to make it on the silver screen. Nevertheless, Hayden keeps the dream alive that they'll make it big one day.

Hayden has many hangups from high school and will hold a grudge for eternity. Hayden is nervous about attending a reunion with so many despicable people, but the few Hayden likes and wants to catch up with are worth sending in the RVSP.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: (M) Slim-fitting, electric blue jacket with a ruffled white buttoned shirt. Tailored pants and skinny tie.

(F) Statement-making dress – neon pink or electric blue. Giant earrings, massive hair.


Social Media Influencer

Casey Higgenbottom was on the fence about attending the Bloodwood High School reunion but finally sent their RSVP card to Phoenix Picklestein. Casey is a social media influencer with a large following who puts out family and lifestyle content. In high school, Casey was a varsity cheer squad member and one of the most familiar faces in the hallways. Casey is friendly and outgoing  - but this might only be on the surface. Lately, Casey has received many comments from anonymous accounts on social media about how cruel and rude Casey was in school, that Casey is not a good parent to three daughters, and that Casey even got knee-deep into a criminal ring right out of graduation. Of course, Casey denies all of this, but Casey doesn’t know if attending the reunion would make this worse or give Casey redemption. Either way, you can bet that Casey will be posting most of the reunion through social media channels.

Casey deals with haters on various social media channels, but most comments do not bother this influencer, as they are strangers who are most likely envious - in Casey's opinion. But this social media guru's blood boils when people pose as insiders and then say scandalous and false things.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: (M) Fitted blazer, bright red or metallic silver, and trousers:  patterned button-up and skinny tie.

(F) Standout sequined or metallic mini dress with asymmetry or ruffle accents for an ’80’s vibe.


Business Tycoon

 Avery Cheddarwurst sent their assistant to hand-deliver the RSVP card to Phoenix Picklestein, as they had no doubt they wanted to attend the Bloodwood High School reunion. Bring the nausea meds, as Avery’s boasts about their wealth and success can get a bit sickening – even to the strongest of stomachs. Avery first made their money in real estate investments before becoming a venture capitalist. Avery has their hands on several projects with revenue streams from all directions. Avery was never trustworthy back in high school, and if you speak to anyone who knows Avery today – nothing has changed. Avery is superstitious, will refuse to go near black cats, and won’t step on cracks or walk under ladders. If someone breaks a mirror, Avery must call a crew to vacuum every glass slither before breathing in that room again.

Avery was never a fan of Phoenix but is intrigued to attend the reunion - most likely to show off that they are the most successful person in their graduating class. For this reason, Avery is a bit annoyed that Jordan Wigglesworth will be in attendance. Avery never liked competition.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: (M) Tuxedo and well-groomed hair.

(F) Glamorous floor-length luxurious gown (silk, satin, lace) in a jewel tone (emerald, royal blue). Statement jewelry. Soft waves or elegant updo for hair.


New Age Guru

Val Whipplesnatch jumped to secure a spot at the Bloodwood High School reunion. Val cannot wait to catch up with former classmates and possibly recruit them to join The Hills of Oregano – their cultish community. This peaceful compound of over a hundred people has perfected the art of gardening, meditation, and mindfulness.

Back in high school, Val was the valedictorian. With a perfect GPA and attendance record, Val did everything as asked. A teacher’s pet and model citizen, Val headed up many clubs on campus, such as Campus Crew, which focused on giving students fun alternatives to the partying lifestyle. So it is no wonder that Val became somewhat of a cult leader.

Recently, Val's compound has been under scrutiny, with a growing crowd of young people hanging out on the street outside their fence. This group has been disruptive by throwing things, vandalizing, and making a ruckus. Val is trying to get to the bottom of why this all started. 

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Robe or kaftan: flowing in vibrant colors and embellishments like sequins, fringe, or metallic accents. Headpiece – wrap, feathers, flowers, etc.


Pet Detective

Kai Snodgrass requested to organize the Bloodwood High School reunion, but Phoenix Picklestein had already claimed the role. Since Kai and Phoenix were never fond of each other, Kai declined to be a co-host. Kai was the yearbook editor at Bloodwood High and spent every second outside of school volunteering for local animal shelters. That is where Kai claims to have connected with animals in ways that most people cannot. Whatever Kai is doing is working, however, as Kai has made a decent living finding lost pets, convincing misbehaving pets to behave, and increasing the happiness and well-being of pets through therapy sessions. Kai hasn’t changed since high school; many believe they still wear the same clothing.

Kai is known for spreading unfounded gossip, which usually turns out to be false, so take what Kai tells you with a grain of salt.

Nobody knows how Kai got their start as such a brilliant pet detective. How quickly Kai can locate a lost or stolen pet is almost magical. Maybe Kai will spill their animal-whispering secrets at the reunion?


SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Give the nod to Ace Ventura, or opt for a bold-print jacket, contrasting design shirt, and trousers/skirt: whimsical, colorful sneakers and an outrageous hairstyle.


Professional Gamer

Sage Schnitzel returned their RSVP card for the Bloodwood High School reunion without blinking an eye. Sage always got along with everyone back then and has not gotten out of the house much since graduation long ago. Sage is a professional gamer who is the first to test out video games from one of the biggest game-developing companies, Questworks, owned by Jordan Wigglesworth. Because of this career path, Sage hardly gets out of their PJs and has only left the house a handful of times in the past year.

Sage is a conspiracy theorist and believes the government handles everything that goes wrong. Sage is well stockpiled for an apocalypse and will launch an anti-government rant if anything triggers them. Many of Sage's neighbors have accused Sage of hacking into their networks, but nobody has garnered any evidence.

Sage has one of the most enviable careers, but they've become severely introverted because they don't leave the house much. Those closest to Sage demand that Sage get out of the house to socialize, and have told this video gamer that the high school reunion is a great reason to get dressed up and have a good time with old pals.  But Sage plans to attend, as the CEO of the gaming company will also be in attendance. 

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Onesie of a gaming character theme.

(B) Graphic T of video game character with a blazer over it and trousers.

 (F) Playful ‘80s inspired dress, leggings, legwarmers.

This will get  you ready for the party!

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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