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Sutton Springs is a popular vacation hotspot with locals who know how to cater to the rich and famous. There have been many scandals that have hit the national news lately, and Mayor Lillian Moon has decided to host the Red Rose Masquerade Ball – a massive gala designed to distract everyone from the current happenings in town. Mayor Moon has promised to livestream the event worldwide to generate tourism to the town and promote a positive and enjoyable image for Sutton Springs.

Livestreaming is a risk, and the townsfolk hope that nothing shocking or reprehensible happens for all to see.

You’ve received a ticket to the ball at the luxurious Regal Rose Resort. You cannot wait to reveal your mask as you stroll down the red carpet and into the famously opulent Dream Ballroom.

 This is where your story begins.

let's shop for the perfect mask

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Guest List


Voice Actor

Zephan Blue voices the personality of Big Blue – one of the most well-loved canine cartoon characters in the world. Zeph is a constant over-exaggerator and is quick to top any story you might tell. As Zeph's tale spews forth from their lips, it becomes more extravagant – especially if there is a captive audience. Zeph loves the sound of their voice and has a vivid imagination.



Concert Promoter

Seeley Gold works with band managers worldwide to book and promote upcoming concerts and music festivals.  Seeley believes the world is flat and will continually modify their name ever so slightly each time they introduce themselves.



Destination Wedding Photographer

Oran Salmon may be hired to travel with you to your destination wedding as your photographer. Oran creates wonderfully themed wedding photographs and has a stellar reputation worldwide. Oran has a bad habit of picking their teeth and sneezes when someone says their name. Each night, Oran claims to have a prophetic dream of their tragic death, which Oran believes will occur the following day. But Oran still walks among the living, so the dreams don’t appear to be prophetic at all.



Hotel Manager

​Mercury Magenta manages the Regal Rose Resort, a luxury hotel in Sutton Springs that caters to the rich and famous. Mercury is terrified of the dark and is continuously humming eerie tunes, which can be off-putting. Mercury's hands are ice cold to the touch. This is due to poor circulation or maybe just bad genes in the Magenta bloodline.


Robotics Engineer

Oakley is a robotics engineer for Bonified Industries - a global electronics corporation headquartered in Sutton Springs.  Oakley has difficulty controlling the volume of their voice and is embarrassed by the sound of their horrendous laugh. For that reason, Oakley will attempt to lurk in the shadows and soak up the information flowing in the room passively. Oakley always references how their mother would feel about any given situation.



Private Detective

Ashland Lemon isn't the most popular person in Sutton Springs. Anyone can hire Ashland for private investigations, but on the side - Ashland will snap photographs of celebrities on vacation and sell them to the highest bidder. Usually, the unauthorized and sometimes scandalous pics end up in trash tabloids, which is reducing the draw of Sutton Springs for celebrities. Ashland hiccups when they are put on the spot and often tries to rhyme sentences to no avail. 



Cruise Director

From volleyball tournaments to the buffet lines, to story time for the kiddos on the open seas, Baden Lavender directs the Sun & Sea Cruise Ship operations, operated by Bermuda Triangle Cruise Lines. Baden is a neat freak, and everything in Baden's space must be orderly - arranged in perfect stacks, dust-free, and sanitized. Clutter and filth are Baden's mortal enemies. 



Airline Pilot

Dru Silver is a commercial airline pilot for Brawny Airlines.  Dru starts a question by saying, 'I must inquire,' and ends a chat with the phrase, 'conversation terminated.' Lately, the flights with Brawny Airlines have been quite turbulent. There have been anonymous reports that Dru might not be paying attention to the instrument panel of the cockpit as much, since Dru is hooked on a game through an app on a cellular device.



Marine Biologist

Kyden Green travels along the coastline with a group of grant-funded researchers that study sharks' habits and behaviors. With a 100% disposable income salary, Kyden often boasts about their worldly possessions. Kyden has an undying need to celebrate every possible holiday known to humankind.


Meteorologist, RBC News

With a childhood dedicated to predicting weather patterns, it was no shock that Charlie ended up as the chief meteorologist for the local news station of Sutton Springs. Charlie is a repetitive blinker who spews terrible one-liners, which can be a bit annoying. Charlie spends all of their free time away from the television station whittling wooden whistles.



Music Therapist

Quindlen Olive is a freelance music therapist who may be hired for schools, retirement centers, camps, and health facilities. Quindlen Olive has a Ph.D. in music theory and an MS in psychology. This doc believes music can heal any ailments - physical and mental. Quindlen lives with an overly-guilty conscious and always must take the blame for everything that goes wrong – just so the real culprit doesn't have to take responsibility.



Wardrobe Stylist

Ransom is a vegan who wears leather and drinks milk with every meal. A chatty wardrobe artist - you can hire Ransom to hunt the stores for your perfect fit and style. Ransom is afraid to fly or travel by bus or train, so s/he will tell the tales of their siblings' travel to appear more interesting and cultured. Ransom will zone out during chats but will pretend to have heard what you just said.

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