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Who Kidnapped Rudy Reindeer?

It's time for the annual pre-Christmas meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus's home at the North Pole. Amid the hustle and bustle, the Christmas workers must halt in their tracks to gather and discuss the status of the big toy delivery on Christmas Eve.

Hopefully, everyone will attend the meeting with reports of surpassed goals and deadlines met with ease. There's not a minute to spare since a record number of kids are on the nice list this year.

Rumor has it the sleigh's navigation system is in dire need of repair, Rudy has lost his nose cover, the nice and naughty list needs to be verified, and someone is trying to sabotage the delivery through multiple avenues. We are swimming in dangerous times at the North Pole, as any minor problem could trigger a domino effect that ends with Christmas being canceled.

This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Mother of Christmas

 Everyone knows Mrs. Santa Claus runs the North Pole. A tad neurotic, this Mother of Christmas runs a tight show, especially during the holiday season! But Mrs. Santa is all about the luxuries that life has to offer. A genuine altruist, she loves to spoil the North Pole workers.

Costume suggestions: A Mrs. Santa costume or for DIY - a white bonnet and red velvet shirt. 


Father of Christmas

 The legendary Santa Claus, with his rosy cheeks, round belly, and joyful spirit, is the one to be around during the holidays. But, unfortunately, his irresponsibility has threatened a successful Christmas toy run this year!

 Costume suggestions: Wear a Santa Claus costume, a white beard, and glasses, or, for a DIY project, wear a Santa hat with a red shirt.


Snowperson and Aspiring Rap Artist

 Icy is the fun-loving snowperson of the North Pole. A true friend to all elves and an aspiring rap artist - this snow-filled individual is a known close-talker. Therefore, bring a coat, for it's a bit chilly to chat with Icy.

 Costume suggestions: Wear all-white clothing, have your face painted white, and wear a top hat, red scarf, and pipe. Optional: Use a fake carrot as a nose.  Or opt for a snowman costume.



Director of Toy Production

Dap is the micro-managing director of toy production at Santa's Toyshop in the North Pole. Don't bother trying to double-cross this feisty elf, or Dap will make you pay the price.

  Costume suggestions:  Elf costume with a bow tie and nerdy glasses. You are all about business and very formal. 


Chief Executive Officer

Ebbie Smooge is the miserly brother of Mrs. Santa Claus. He often visits the North Pole to convince his sister and her husband to stop wasting money on the production and distribution of Christmas toys. The best one-word description of this frugal grouch is grumpy.

  Costume suggestions:  Black suit, black top hat, and cane. Or you can wear the Scrooge pajama costume and say you weren't going to come to the meeting but decided to at the last minute and didn't want to waste your precious time getting dressed up. 



Head Reindeer

Prisser is the head reindeer and fun-loving prankster of the stables. A born leader, this sled puller is highly skilled at motivating others. Prisser loves to tell silly jokes and lives for laughter.

Costume suggestions:  Reindeer costume, onesie, or for DIY - all brown clothing with a white under-shirt. Face painted like a reindeer. Antler headband. Bring some jokes with you to tell the others (this is optional). 


Sleigh Mechanic

Vip is one of the shyest and most reserved elves at the Sleigh Shop at the North Pole. Everyone knows that Vip and the toyshop director, Dap the Elf, do not get along. Who gets along with Dap, anyway?

  Costume suggestions: Wear an elf costume. Remember that you're shy, so avoid anything too flashy as you try to blend in. Also, since you are a mechanic, bring an optional toy tool or oil can as a prop. 


North Pole Influencer

 The Gingerbread Man is the egotistical gingerbread cookie man of the North Pole. He is self-absorbed, believing everyone wishes they were a cookie like him. However, he's fed up with Christmas traditions and won't stand for people eating gingerbread any longer.

  Costume suggestions:  Gingerbread costume or onesie. Or for DIY - all khaki-colored clothing. Use felt for the icing stripes on the wrist, belt, and ankles. Attach small pom-poms for the front buttons (at any craft store).



Office Manager

Pax is The North Pole, Inc.'s office manager. She is a severe penny pincher, and the elves claim she's allergic to fun. But you won't find a better accountant to keep the Christmas finances in check.

  Costume suggestions:  Elf costume. You are a nerdy elf, so wear black-rimmed glasses with tape on the bridge with your elf costume. Also, have a calculator as an optional prop. 


Rudy's Twin Sister

 Trudy is Rudy the Rosy-Nosed reindeer's twin sister. Trudy is one of the most playful reindeer and loves to tell funny Christmas jokes to whoever will listen. She often boasts about being funnier than Prisser.

 Costume suggestions: Reindeer costume, onesie, or, for DIY, all-brown clothing with a white undershirt. Have your face painted like a reindeer. Wear an antler headband. Bring some jokes with you to tell the others (this is optional). Be funnier than Prisser. 


Head Toymaker

 Foxworthy is the head toymaker and the most hardworking elf at the North Pole. This elf speaks with a southern drawl since they hail from a toyshop in south Mississippi.

   Costume suggestions: Elf costume. Since you are a Southern elf, you should be a bit more casual. Practice a Southern accent if you don't already have one.


North Pole Influencer

Nat is a Russian Nutcracker who loves to dance. Mystery is Nat's middle name, as Nat doesn't speak much but knows how to bust a move—nutcracker style.

 Costume suggestions:  Nutcracker costume or for DIY - a red band hat, red band jacket, yellow tights or leggings, and black riding boots. Fake Rifle as a prop. Face painted like a nutcracker.


Rudy's Best Friend

Ozzie the Reindeer is Rudy the Rosy-Nosed Reindeer's best friend and stablemate. Not known for manners, this reindeer is far from having acceptable social decorum but is a loyal and genuine pal to Rudy.

  Costume suggestions: Reindeer costume, onesie, or for DIY: All-brown clothing with a white undershirt. Face painted like a reindeer. Antler headband. You love rock' n' roll, so add any optional rocker props to your costume


Little Drummer Boy

Tommy Leigh is the Little Drummer Boy of the North Pole. Known as a kiss-up to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the elves roll their eyes while Tommy speaks to the Mother and Father of Christmas.

Costume suggestions: Wear a red band hat and jacket, yellow tights or leggings, and black riding boots. Fake Rifle as a prop. Face painted like a nutcracker—snare drum (fake or real) as a prop.


North Pole Influencer

 Pollie the Polar Bear is the prim and proper bear of the North Pole. You'll be corrected and taught acceptable etiquette if you do not use appropriate manners around Pollie!

   Costume suggestions:  Polar bear costume or onesie. For DIY - all-white clothing. Face painted white, white wig. White bear ears on a headband and nose painted black.


Santa's Bag Stuffer

 Gab is the boisterous North Pole elf and one of Santa's most dedicated employees. Gab and the bag-stuffing crew load Santa's bag for the colossal toy run on Christmas Eve. Getting Santa's toy bag packed right takes time, accuracy, skill, and a sprinkle of magic.  

   Costume suggestions:  Elf costume. You are trendy. You love to be noticed.

Legendary Figure

Jackie Frost is the obnoxious, legendary figure of winter. When Jackie enters a room, the temperature plummets and gives everyone a case of the shivers - even snow people! However, you should refrain from counting on this frosty character, as they shouldn't be trusted. Jackie cares about one thing: Jackie Frost!
  Costume suggestions: Jack Frost or Ice Queen/King costume. For DIY, a blue suit or blue shirt/pants is needed. A blue or white wig and blue or white face paint on the face is also needed. Jazz it up with blue glitter or sequined items!


Santa Claus’s Sister
Trouble always seems to find the notorious Claudia Claus. Since she was a tot, she has caused chaos and mayhem in situations involving her brother, the beloved Santa Claus. From breaking his big wheel to blaming him for starting food fights at the dinner table – this is a prime example of one-sided sibling rivalry!
  Costume suggestions:  any variation of a Mrs. Santa Claus costume or for DIY - wear a Santa hat and a red shirt. 


North Pole Villain
The Ginch lives up on a crooked hill in a crooked little shack overlooking Santa’s village at the North Pole. Legend has it The Ginch tries to steal Christmas every year! So, to save the holiday, Santa hired a surveillance team to stake out this Christmas villain's home.
  Costume suggestions: Grinch costume, onesie. Or, a Santa suit with the face painted green. A tiny felt heart affixed on the chest of the Santa suit.


Director of the Naughty and Nice List
Tink is an elder elf of the North Pole who holds the prestigious and critical position as the Director of the Nice and Naughty List. Tink will outright refuse horseplay of any kind. The other elves are curious if it is because Tink is over 200 years old or if the stress of the holidays is affecting their mood. Whatever it is - it's best to walk on eggshells around Tink. 
  Costume suggestions:  Elf costume, a white or gray wig, and glasses. You are over 200 years old. 


North Pole Influencers
Pongo the Penguin is the head of the penguin family, which resides in a giant igloo next door to Santa’s home. Pongo and their family are the most intelligent penguins in the entire world. Nothing gets by these feathered friends.
  Costume suggestions: Wear a white tank top and white shorts. Underneath the tank top, wear a black long-sleeved shirt and black tights. Paint your face like a penguin with an attachable penguin beak.

Arctic Prospector
Yookie Cornelis is a quirky Arctic prospector who perpetually hunts for silver and gold in the tundra around the North Pole. With a habit of licking his ax, it’s no surprise that this prospector usually has the sniffles.
  Costume suggestions: Red beanie with a pom, blue jacket, pants, and black boots. Carry a toy pickax.  Optional to carry a box of tissues to fake your sniffles. 

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