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Roland Kingsley is the definition of the American success story as an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Roland is the founder of the number one global social media application known as Yipper.  A billionaire from the isolated town of Godley Hollow, Roland is no stranger to scandals, as his face is often plastered on the cover of tabloids. Married four times with seven children, Roland is known to have struggled with family. 

EARLY LIFE: Born in the Bronx to a tailor and baker, Roland Kingsley was a dedicated student and promising athlete as a child. After attending the New York City Military Academy, he went on to graduate with a doctorate in economics from The Winsington School of Business at New York State University. 

CAREER: After starting his career as a real estate agent, he quickly dabbled in many areas of business, ranging from real estate to sports team ownership. 

Roland rose to fame and fortune in 2006 after creating the innovative social media application known as Yipper. Yipper is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages called 'yips,' which are restricted to 200 characters in addition to the associated photos, documents, or videos. Registered users of Yipper are able to post yips, and anyone on the web may read the content of the application. Yipper is rising to be the number one news source in the world.  

Roland acquired the pharmaceutical company, known for pioneering cancer research, in 2015. Since then, the company has changed the focus from cancer research to the study of the rare, genetic disease called cytopheria.  Cytopheria is a non-lethal, yet slowly progressing, degenerative disease where proteins called cytopheres attach to skin epithelia and neurons, leading to bouts of rashes and pinprick sensations in the limbs. 

Roland has also acquired the famous blog from NYC, All About Olly, and has made offers to numerous other media entities, but all offers have been refused. 


  • Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

  • Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation

  • New York City Police Foundation

  • Paralyzed Veterans of America

  • Wounded Warrior Project

PERSONAL LIFE: Roland has been married four times, and is currently married to Pat Kingsley, the rising pop star known as 'Royale.' 

Roland has five children by previous wives, Morgan Kingsley, Ryan Ashlore, Quinn Kingsley, Bine Kingsley, and Wynne Kingsley. Roland also has a stepchild, Bailey Black, from his first marriage as a teenager. Recently Roland found out he fathered a seventh child, Ocean Yates, as an anonymous paternal DNA donor. Roland was an avid sperm donor as a young man when he was saving for his first semester of college.  Ocean was diagnosed with the genetic disease, cytopheria, and sued the Godley Hollow Sperm Bank for the identity of the paternal donor.  Currently Ocean is considering filing a lawsuit against Roland for not disclosing the genetic history to the sperm bank. 

Roland was a suspect in the death of his third wife, mother of Wynne and Ryan. Wynne's mother, Lora Ashmore-Kingsley, died by falling down the main staircase of the Kingsley Mansion. Roland was a prime suspect in her death, but no charges were ever filed and it was declared an accident.  


  • Honorary Doctor of Laws from Legham University, Pennsylvania, 1998

  • Honorary Doctor of Business Administration from Watson College, Staten Island, NY, 2005

  • Honorary Doctor of Laws from Justice and Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, 2013

  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2015

  • Marine Corps- Law Enforcement Leadership Award, 2015

  • Persons Magazine, Person of the Year, 2017

  • Finance Magazine, Person of the Year, 2017

  • Forbes Magazine, Richest People in the World, 2017

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