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Sin City Slayer

The most highly anticipated VIP party in Las Vegas is almost here! The Cosmo Casino & Resort is set to host a world class soiree for celebrities, news media, and a few Vegas locals that were lucky enough to score tickets. Some of the most prominent figures of our time will be in attendance and this will certainly be a night to remember. However, there is a situation. The city of Las Vegas has been terrorized by a serial killer with an MO of attending VIP events held on the strip. The killer, known as the Sin City Slayer, chooses victims from unsuspecting party guests. The Las Vegas police are currently working with federal agencies to catch this deranged predator. Hopefully, the killer doesn’t have a ticket to this event. This is where your story begins.

Check out some radical costume choices

Invited Guests



CBC News Reporter

Adair Burgundy is always the source of breaking news from the Las Vegas strip.  Adair is an ambitious investigative reporter for the CBC television station and will stop at nothing to get the scoop.

Suggested Attire: trendy business suit.  Optional to have a toy microphone as a prop.  Optional accessories are a pen and notepad.



Hollywood Icon

A late bloomer as compared to other big screen icons, Alex Jade became an overnight sensation with the release of the movie Ice Cold Fangs.  Alex is a quirky trendsetter that can do no wrong in the eyes of fans but has declared war with the media.

Suggested Attire: glamorous evening attire.



Gossip Columnist, Las Vegas Daily

Cricket Pewter is the talented gossip columnist for the Las Vegas Daily.  Cricket knows the who’s who of Las Vegas and is quick to shadow unsuspecting Hollywood celebrities as soon as their feet hit the strip.  It is not a good thing to be mentioned in the gossip column of the Las Vegas Daily, and the locals avoid Cricket at all costs.

Suggested Attire: casual yet trendy business attire.  Pen and paper as optional props.



Magician, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Darby Cerulean is the award-winning illusionist.  Darby’s a distinguished magician with global sold-out shows of breathtaking illusions with intriguing storytelling.  Darby owns a tropical island and has plans to launch an international amusement park chain called the Cerulean Mountains of Mystery. 

Suggested Attire: tuxedo (or black suit) with an optional top hat and a stuffed bunny.  Another optional prop is a magic trick set.



Hollywood Socialite

Jude Plum is the Hollywood socialite that cannot seem to stay out of the trash tabloids.  Jude’s parents own the international chain of Orbit Hotels and supply Jude with a never-ending cash flow and extensive connections.  Jude is famous, but only for being a wealthy troublemaker.

Suggested Attire: trendy attire.  Fake money popping out of your pockets as an optional prop.



Fashion Designer

From a poor orphan learning to sew by hand to the bright lights of the Paris runways, Parson Golden has made a mark in fashion history.   This reserved icon of style has one of the most remarkable rags to riches success stories ever known!

Suggested Attire:  trendy, fashionable attire with lots of accessories.



Concierge, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Hailing from the UK, Piper White is the hardnosed concierge at Cosmo Resort & Casino.  Piper is a hard-working employee but isn’t kind if asked to do anything trivial – even if it’s in Piper’s job description.  Piper has a bad attitude which often offends the guests of the resort.

Suggested Attire: suit of any kind, optional to have white gloves  and/or a bell.



Professional Poker Player

Greenlee Black is hilarious and a pleasure to be around. Greenlee’s a witty amateur comedian at night and a skillful poker player by day. After a big loss at a charity poker tournament, Greenlee has been pursuing a career as a professional comic.

Suggested Attire: trendy suit.  Optional to have poker chips and playing cards in every pocket.  Bring some jokes with you!



Daytime Soap Opera Star

A former reality star, Ren Peach recently landed a starring role on a hit soap opera called Gorgeous Thieves.  A popular choice for the cover of teen mags, Ren’s attractive mug can be seen in most grocery checkout lines. Unfortunately, Ren’s inner circle reports the star has allowed the fame to go straight to his/her head.

Suggested Attire: glamorous evening attire.



Pop Icon

Rigny Cyan is the eccentric pop icon from Mississippi.  Now a Hollywood resident, Rigny still speaks with a southern accent and follows the rules of southern hospitality.  However, the claws will come out if you make Rigny angry.

Suggested Attire: quirky pop star attire such as short dress (female), torn fishnet stockings and brightly colored heels.  For a male, a brightly colored suit with a matching Mohawk.



Tennis Instructor, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Story Indigo is the insufferable tennis instructor at the Cosmo Resort & Casino.  Lacking control for volume and content, Story speaks without a filter.  A seasoned tennis pro, Story is intolerant of beginning tennis players.

Suggested Attire: tennis attire or warm up / athletic track suit.  Optional to bring a tennis racquet as a prop.



Rollercoaster Operator, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Waverly Scarlet is the boisterous amusement park ride operator at the top of the Cosmo Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas strip.  Waverly is anything but friendly and constantly mocks the customers who board the rides.

Suggested Attire: any type of uniform or a t-shirt and jeans with a name tag that says Cosmo Land Amusement Park.



Butcher, Cosmo Resort & Casino

If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Winter Olive’s picture would be plastered by the description. Winter is the friendly, yet egocentric butcher with a terrible over-exaggeration problem.                

Suggested Attire: apron and butcher’s hat.  Plastic butcher knife as an optional prop.



Housekeeper, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Dracen Gray recently gave up the struggle to become a Hollywood star and took a job as a housekeeper at the Cosmo Resort & Casino.  Dracen isn’t the best at social gatherings, as s/he can be hostile and doesn’t get along with others. This discourteous behavior might be a reflection of a deep regret of giving up the dream.

Suggested Attire: housekeeping uniform and/or any clothing under an apron with rubber gloves.  Hair covered with a bandana.



Reality TV Star

Whitney Whatley is the brazen and beautiful reality television star on the hit television show Whitney’s World. She loves to flaunt her ink and openly condemns moronic behavior.  Don’t make this tiny star angry unless you want to bathe in your beverage.

Suggested Attire: trendy, alternative attire. Long blonde wig and tattoos (temporary ones will do).



Window Washer, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Shan Lemon is the outgoing window washer at the Cosmo Resort & Casino.  Shan is silly, young, and broke with an aura of mischief at all times. Shan is rather unpredictable but is quite the humanitarian.

Suggested attire: casual attire – a towel/shirt around your head for sun protection as an optional prop.  Squeegee as an optional prop.



Hair Stylist, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Blue Coral is the rude cosmetologist at the Glitz & Glamour Hair Bar in the Cosmo Resort & Casino.  Blue’s a notorious party crasher.  Blue acquired a ticket to the VIP party, but other guests are less than thrilled to hear the news.

Suggested Attire: casual clothing with a smock / apron.  Outrageous hair and makeup (for a female character).  Optional to have a makeup kit, brushes and combs as optional props.



Waiter, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Lee Mint is the accident-prone waiter at the BeBe Steakhouse in the Cosmo Resort & Casino.  This server has a constant stream of bad luck, so you should watch out while standing next to Lee.  Void of good manners, Lee’s not one to bring home to meet the parents - unless they own a charm school.

Suggested Attire: white shirt, black pants.  Optional to have a waist apron

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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