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Sin City Slayer

The most eagerly awaited VIP party in Las Vegas is just around the corner! The Cosmo Casino & Resort is gearing up to throw a glamorous event for celebrities, the media, and a lucky few locals who managed to snag tickets. It's set to be an unforgettable evening, with some of the biggest names of our era in attendance.

But there's a twist in the tale. Las Vegas has been on edge due to a serial killer known as the Sin City Slayer, who haunts VIP events on the strip, targeting unsuspecting attendees. The Las Vegas police, along with federal agencies, are on high alert, working tirelessly to capture this menacing figure before another event is marred by tragedy.

As the city holds its breath, your adventure begins, unfolding against the backdrop of glitz, glamour, and the shadow of danger. Let's hope the Sin City Slayer is not on the guest list for the grand soiree.


Guest List



CBC News Reporter

Adair Burgundy, always at the forefront of breaking news from the Las Vegas strip, embodies ambition as an investigative reporter for the CBC television station, stopping at nothing to uncover the latest scoop. This relentless pursuit of truth has cemented a reputation as a respected figure in journalism, admired and feared by many in Las Vegas. Known for keen instincts, able to uncover stories others might miss, ensuring the public remains informed about the latest developments.

Suggested attire: reporter costume or any suit or dress. A toy microphone as a prop is optional. Optional accessories are a pen and notepad.



Hollywood Icon

Alex Jade, a late bloomer among big-screen icons, catapulted to overnight sensation status following the release of the movie Ice Cold Fangs. As a quirky trendsetter, Alex has captured the hearts of fans, becoming infallible in their eyes. Unfortunately, this star has ignited a fierce feud with the media.
Alex has recently been the subject of rampant speculation and intrigue. Despite the media battles, Alex continues to redefine celebrity culture, influencing fashion and cinema with a unique, indomitable spirit.

Suggested Attire: glamorous evening attire.



Gossip Columnist, Las Vegas Daily

Cricket Pewter, the talented gossip columnist for the Las Vegas Daily, holds the key to the city's who’s who and shadows unsuspecting Hollywood celebrities the moment their feet touch the strip. A mention in the Las Vegas Daily's gossip column spells trouble, leading locals to avoid Cricket at all costs. This elusive gossiper wields power through words, often setting the tone for social narratives within the city. Known for an unyielding approach to journalism, Cricket Pewter maintains an air of mystery, becoming almost as much a subject of intrigue as the stories covered.

Suggested Attire: trendy attire.  Pen and paper as optional props.



Magician, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Darby Cerulean, an award-winning illusionist, ensures shows sell out worldwide, captivating audiences by combining breathtaking illusions with intriguing storytelling. Ownership of a tropical island underlines a diverse portfolio, with plans to expand into the entertainment industry through the launch of an international amusement park chain, the Cerulean Mountains of Mystery. Ambition and creativity set apart this figure in the magic community, heralding a new venture into thematic amusement, merging the art of illusion with immersive experiences.

Suggested Attire: a tuxedo (or black suit) or magician's costume with an optional top hat and a stuffed bunny. A magic trick set is another optional prop.



Hollywood Socialite

Jude Plum, the Hollywood socialite notorious for appearing in trash tabloids, benefits from the wealth and connections of the international Orbit Hotels chain, owned by Jude's parents. This never-ending cash flow and extensive connections support a lavish lifestyle, marking Jude as a wealthy troublemaker known for extravagance rather than accomplishments. 
Suggested attire: trendy, expensive clothes with the playful addition of fake money popping out of pockets as an optional prop.



Fashion Designer

Parson Golden's ascent from a modest upbringing as an orphan mastering the art of sewing to the dazzling heights of the fashion world showcases a unique flair on the Paris runways. This transformative journey from humble origins to opulent success encapsulates one of the fashion industry's most stirring rags-to-riches narratives, solidifying Parson's status as a subtle yet significant style icon.

Suggested Attire trendy, fashionable attire with lots of accessories.



Concierge, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Hailing from the UK, Piper White is the hardnosed concierge at Cosmo Resort & Casino, embodying the definition of diligence yet showing scant tolerance for tasks deemed trivial, even those within the job description. This uncompromising nature results in a demeanor that frequently offends guests of the resort, casting a shadow over the customer service experience. Despite this, expertise and efficiency in handling significant requests underscore a complex professional persona, challenging the boundaries of conventional hospitality.

Suggested Attire: dark suit or tuxedo; white gloves and a bell are optional.



Professional Poker Player

Greenlee Black exudes humor and charm, making for delightful company. Greenlee showcases a unique blend of talents as a witty amateur comedian by night and a skillful poker player by day. Following a significant setback at a charity poker tournament, pursuing a career as a professional comic has become the new focus. This shift reflects resilience and adaptability, underscoring a journey filled with laughter and determination. Despite setbacks, the spirit remains unbroken, illustrating a commendable pursuit of passion beyond the poker table.

Suggested Attire: a trendy suit. Poker chips and playing cards in every pocket are optional. Bring some jokes with you!



Daytime Soap Opera Star

Once known for reality TV fame, Ren Peach has seamlessly transitioned to a starring role in the hit soap opera "Gorgeous Thieves," captivating audiences with undeniable talent. This newfound prominence has made Ren a popular choice for teen magazine covers, with an alluring presence gracing the checkout lines of numerous grocery stores. Yet, Ren's inner circle reports a significant shift in attitude, with fame impacting this star's humility and grounding. This change, attributed to rapid success, hints at the complexities and pressures accompanying the spotlight in the entertainment industry. 

Suggested Attire: glamorous evening attire.



Pop Icon

Rigny Cyan, an eccentric pop icon originating from Mississippi, has embraced the Hollywood lifestyle while retaining a charming Southern accent and adhering to the principles of Southern hospitality. Despite the fame, the warmth and generosity of spirit associated with these roots remain evident. However, a sharp contrast in demeanor emerges when provoked, revealing a fierce side to this otherwise cordial personality. This juxtaposition between congeniality and ferocity defines a complex character, embodying the duality of grace and strength under pressure.

Suggested Attire: quirky pop star attire such as a short dress (female), torn fishnet stockings, and brightly colored heels.  For a male, a brightly colored suit with a matching Mohawk.



Tennis Instructor, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Story Indigo, known as the insufferable tennis instructor at Cosmo Resort & Casino, operates without a filter, often disregarding volume and content during conversations. As a seasoned tennis pro, this individual displays little patience for beginners, expecting all players to meet high standards from the start. Such an approach fosters a challenging environment for novices, creating a divide between experienced players and those just starting out. Despite expertise on the court, this lack of empathy and understanding highlights a need for improvement in teaching methods and interpersonal interactions.

Suggested Attire: tennis attire or a warm-up/athletic tracksuit. Bringing a tennis racquet as a prop is optional.



Rollercoaster Operator, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Waverly Scarlet, a boisterous amusement park ride operator at the Cosmo Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, tends to exhibit an unfriendly demeanor, often resorting to mocking customers who board the rides. This attitude contributes to an unwelcoming atmosphere, deterring guests from a potentially enjoyable experience. Despite the role's responsibility to ensure safety and fun, the behavior displayed leans towards negativity, overshadowing the excitement of the amusement park setting. Efforts to improve guest relations could enhance the overall atmosphere and ensure a more positive experience for all visitors. Will Waverly ever change? Many people hope so. 

Suggested Attire: any uniform, t-shirt, and jeans with a name tag that says Cosmo Land Amusement Park.



Butcher, Cosmo Resort & Casino

If one were to search for narcissism in the dictionary, Winter Olive's picture would likely accompany the description, epitomizing the term through both attitude and behavior. Despite being a friendly butcher, Winter exhibits a strong sense of self-centeredness and a notorious tendency to over-exaggerate. This combination of traits creates a unique personality that manages to be engaging and overly self-assured. The tendency towards embellishment weakens Winter's storytelling and infiltrates daily interactions, making truth hard to separate from fiction.             

Suggested Attire: apron and butcher’s hat A plastic butcher knife is an optional prop.



Housekeeper, Cosmo Resort & Casino

After ceasing the arduous journey to become a Hollywood star, Dracen Gray has transitioned to a role as a housekeeper at the Cosmo Resort & Casino. Social gatherings for this housekeeper pose a challenge, marked by a tendency towards hostility and a noted difficulty in forging positive relationships with others. Such discourteous behavior could stem from a profound regret linked to abandoning the dream of stardom. This underlying disappointment may influence interactions, casting a shadow over professional and personal encounters alike.

Suggested Attire: housekeeping uniform or any clothing under an apron with rubber gloves.  Hair covered with a bandana.



Reality TV Star

Whitney Whatley, known for her brazen and beautiful presence, stars in the hit reality television show "Whitney’s World." She is not shy about flaunting her inked skin and is vocal in condemning what she perceives as moronic behavior. Provoking this diminutive star is ill-advised unless one is prepared for a dramatic response, possibly involving an unwanted beverage bath. This forthright approach defines her on-screen and off-screen persona, contributing to her distinctive and formidable character in the realm of reality TV.

Suggested Attire: trendy, alternative attire. Long blonde wig and tattoos (temporary ones will do).



Window Washer, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Shan Lemon, known as the outgoing window washer at the Cosmo Resort & Casino, combines silliness with a youthful spirit and is often found amidst an aura of mischief. Despite Shan's financial struggles, there exists a strong undercurrent of unpredictability paired with a commendable humanitarian streak. This combination of traits makes Shan a memorable and complex figure within the resort, admired for the balance between playful antics and deep-seated altruism. The commitment to helping others shines through, contrasting with Shan's persona's more light-hearted, unpredictable aspects.

Suggested attire: casual party attire, with a towel or shirt around your head for sun protection as an optional prop. A squeegee is also an optional prop.



Hair Stylist, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Blue Coral, a rude cosmetologist at the Glitz & Glamour Hair Bar in the Cosmo Resort & Casino, is a notorious party crasher. Blue's acquisition of a ticket to the VIP party raised eyebrows, and many openly expressed less-than-enthusiastic responses upon hearing the news. This notorious figure's presence at exclusive events often leads to tension and discomfort among attendees. Despite vast expertise in cosmetology, Blue's social reputation overshadows all professional achievements, adding a layer of intrigue and wariness to interactions with this individual.

Suggested Attire: trendy casual clothing with a smock/apron Outrageous hair and makeup (for a female character).  Optional to have a makeup kit, brushes, and combs as optional props.



Waiter, Cosmo Resort & Casino

Lee Mint serves as the accident-prone waiter at the BeBe Steakhouse within the Cosmo Resort & Casino. Lee is surrounded by a perpetual stream of bad luck, making proximity to this waiter hazardous. Manners seem to be absent from this server's repertoire, marking Lee as a less-than-ideal candidate for familial introductions unless the household specializes in etiquette and charm education. This combination of misfortune and lack of decorum contributes to a unique yet challenging dining experience. Despite these setbacks, Lee's dedicated to the job at the steakhouse, offering a blend of commitment and caution to patrons and colleagues alike.

Suggested Attire: white or black (solid) shirt, black pants.  Optional to have a waist apron

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