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Murder at the Stratford Castle

The Stratford Castle Ball is the highlight event of the Kilmore Preservation Society, dedicated to safeguarding historical sites like the magnificent Stratford Castle. This unique group brings together people from every background imaginable, including astronauts, artifact collectors, and scientists, all united by their love for history.

However, this year’s preparations have been marred by unexpected challenges, including tensions and scandals among the members. Adding to the community’s unease is the presence of a serial killer in Kilmore, making everyone hesitant to venture outside. Despite these difficulties, as a society member, your presence at the ball is expected. This is where your story unfolds.

need something amazing to wear? 

Guest List


Carey Coral

Ancient Artifacts Dealer

Carey Coral is an eccentric ancient artifacts dealer from the UK. Carey travels to distant lands in search of exotic items to sell to collectors. Because of his/her vast world travels, Carey knows a little bit about everything. Carey recently moved to the town of Kilmore and is quick to say it was a big mistake.

Carey has fallen ill recently, but the flu has been going around town for quite some time. With the number of cases reported, many townspeople have taken to wearing gloves and masks on the street. 

Suggested attire: Adventurer attire and a safari hat. Bring odd trinkets (e.g., a rock, old jewelry, etc.) as ancient artifacts.


Jamie Bond

Federal Forensic Profiler

Jamie Bond is the most mysterious person in Kilmore.  On the surface, Jamie appears to be the typical high-society jet setter, but this analyst is actually a top-secret level forensic profiler in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The townsfolk have been casting theories about why Jamie is in town. Many scandals have been floating about, but which one is Jamie investigating? Many guilty parties would love to know.  

Suggested attire: An evening gown for a female and a black suit/tuxedo for a male. Toy guns are optional props.



EDM Producer

Deadbee is a lively electronic music producer.  Deadbee has been famous in the underground music scene for quite some time.  Deadbee achieved overnight fame after receiving a Gram Award for the hit song I’m Lucky.  People say that everything that Deadbee touches turns to gold.  Curiously, Deadbee seems to be dead broke.

Deadbee is signed with Rich Records but has been vocal on social media about regrets about committing to that record label. Sources close to Deadbee say that there have been other contract offers, but Deadbee can't sign them. 

Suggested attire: Trendy hipster attire or EDM performer costume with headphones as an optional prop.


Yuni Sax


Yuni Sax, a seasoned astronaut, sincerely believes that nobody in the entire galaxy has a higher IQ. However, you should watch out for this brainy space explorer, as Yuni is known to be quite aggressive occasionally.

Yuni has an intolerance for people who didn't work hard for their position in life. Since Yuni went to school for twelve years and started at the space center as an unpaid intern for over a year, Yuni has no time for people who were handed things or cheated in life. 

Suggested attire: Astronaut costume.  As an alternative, a jumpsuit and helmet.


Professor Apple

Ancient Historian

Professor Apple is a self-proclaimed nerd and ancient historian. An intimidating college professor,  the students at Quid University fear this history buff's courses. Dr. Apple isn’t the friendliest person and claims that ancient artifacts are the only friends worth having.

Dr. Apple's father demanded that the professor attend the same college as him, but because this didn't happen, Dr. Apple was estranged from the family. Professor Apple had eyes on The University of Northeast Texas, as this university has a world-famous ancient history and archaeology program.  The professor was written out of the family inheritance and now only occasionally speaks to one sibling. 

Suggested attire: Nerdy business casual attire. Bring odd trinkets (e.g., a rock, old jewelry, etc.) as ancient artifacts.


Venn Sweet

Personal Chef

Venn Sweet is Iggy Jonas’s thrill-seeking personal chef.  Venn continually hunts for adventure and desires to experience the ultimate excitement in life.  Never content with idle time or nonsense, Venn will bore easily in laid-back atmospheres.

Rumors have been flying that Venn has been looking for another job. However, most people don't believe Iggy will allow Venn to quit, so this might get interesting. 

Suggested attire: Chef’s uniform.

Dr. Green

Medical Researcher

Dr. Green prefers to stand back in the shadows during social gatherings. With an exceptionally high IQ, Dr. Green is sensitive to stimuli.  This behavior makes others uneasy, as this researcher seems to have ulterior motives.

There have been accusations that Dr. Green is conducting illegal human research at the lab, but Dr. Green denies any wrongdoing and explains that the lab is working on a cure for cancer. 

Suggested attire: Lab coat and stethoscope as an optional prop.


Justice Cross

Budding Restaurateur

Justice Cross is the ambitious owner of BeBe Steakhouse, the best restaurant in town. Justice, who is always seen smoking a pipe, plans to open franchises of this successful restaurant across the nation. There have been whispers about Justice selling the restaurant to accomplish this goal. If this is true, these are exciting times for Justice! 

Suggested attire: Business casual (M) attire (click here for W). Sherlock Holmes-style pipe as a prop. 


Iggy Jonas


Iggy Jonas is an overconfident entrepreneur and ex-oil tycoon. Iggy can win you over with a little charm, but don’t be fooled; this tycoon only cares about one thing: Iggy Jonas. Iggy is currently filming a self-promoting docuseries with J.J. Camron, which will focus on all of Iggy's success.

Iggy Jonas is a complicated person with many secrets. Iggy might be affiliated with shady individuals - but all accusations have been adamantly denied.  Iggy is currently working with a builder to build Iggy Shops - a modern outdoor shopping center featuring upscale stores, fine dining, and live music venues. 

Suggested attire: Trendy, expensive-looking attire.


Quinn Ciao

Executive Assistant

Quinn Ciao is Reese Rich's accommodating executive assistant. Quinn seems nice, but nobody really knows the true person lurking inside. Rumor has it that Quinn might even be a tad shady. Watch your back around this friendly assistant.

Quinn is openly disgruntled and hates working for Reese. For some reason, Quinn hasn't searched for a new job. One could wonder why someone would stay in a position that makes them unhappy.

Suggested attire: Trendy attire. 


Ryan Dirk

General Contractor

An incessant know-it-all, Ryan Dirk is the general contractor who refuses to take advice from anybody.  Even when Ryan is proven wrong, this builder will find a way to appear correct.

Ryan's business is reported to be in financial trouble after a huge deal on the books was canceled. Far in advance, Ryan had booked out a six-month project on the calendar. At the last minute, the project was nixed. Ryan learned a lesson about not making clients pay 50% upfront to book construction services. 

Suggested attire: Coveralls and a construction hat as an optional prop.


Bracken Shockley

Prison Guard

Known for an ominous foot drag while walking, Bracken Shockley is a shadowy guard from the state prison in the town of Kilmore.  Finding it difficult to relax outside of work, people often find Bracken to be off-putting by always being on guard. 

However, Bracken Shockley has never seemed happier since the dark days of working as a wealthy person's butler. 

Suggested attire: Prison guard/security officer uniform.  Toy gun as an optional prop.


Jeck Needles

Human Research Test Subject

Jeck Needles is the brawny pharmaceutical trial subject. Many years ago, Jeck was a notorious high school bully. Unlucky residents of Kilmore may still witness this type of behavior if someone irritates Jeck. Lately, Jeck has been even more aggressive, and the locals are very concerned.

Jeck endured a crisis the other day after a routine research protocol visit. Jeck called a poison control center after having an adverse reaction to an injection. Soon after, Jeck received death threats from an unknown person. 

Suggested attire: Casual attire.  Bandage your inner elbows, as you’ve been given many injections lately.  Or, you can wear a hospital gown and say you just left the hospital. 


J.J. Camron

Director of Photography

Watch your back around this fun-loving party animal and prankster.  J.J. Camron is the Hollywood director who is the one to invite to energize any event. With tricks hidden in every sleeve and surprises around every corner, you should prepare to have fun with this mischievous prankster.  J.J. has been busy filming a docuseries about Iggy Jonas called The Power of Iggy. The show is about how Iggy's successful businesses.  However, an executive producer has told sources close to the project that thus far, the scenes shot have been boring.  J.J. has also had trouble acquiring film permits to shoot scenes about town. 

Suggested attire: Casual attire with a director’s hat and clapboard as optional props.

Sammy Cooper

Kilmore Daily Times Reporter

Sammy Cooper is an investigative field reporter for the Kilmore Daily Times newspaper who does what it takes. This brave soul has been in the eye of a tornado, on a foreign battleground, and even in the center of a street riot. Sammy will do anything to get the scoop!

Suggested attire: Reporter attire.  A pen and notepad are optional props.


Avery Oceans

City Council Member

Avery Oceans is the daring city council member of Kilmore.  Avery is a compulsive gambler and is quick to make bets for even the smallest amount of money.  A constant risk taker, Avery is definitely high-energy and difficult to be around for long periods.  Unfortunately, Avery has recently acquired substantial debt from the wrong kind of people.

Suggested attire: Trendy business casual attire.


Mo Morrow

Boat Captain

Mo Marrow is quite the odd character. Originally hailing from the bayous of southern Louisiana, Mo travels the world in search of the best deep-sea fishing. Mo recently had to take a job hosting deep-sea fishing excursions on the coast of Kilmore because of running out of cash. Mo does pirate impersonations and prefers to be called Captain Mo Marrow.

Mo currently works for Rich Excursions, a once-popular company that has been around for decades. 

Suggested attire: Pirate hat and sailing/boating attire of any kind.


Reese Rich


Reese Rich is one of the wealthiest people in Kilmore. This entrepreneur is quite powerful and owns a large share of the town's businesses. Rumor has it that Reese’s pile of gold originates from reprehensible sources, but nobody brings up the subject for fear of retaliation. Reese has a short fuse, and you don’t want to light it unless you wish to waste countless hours in a courtroom—or worse, find yourself six feet under!

Suggested attire: Designer attire, money coming out of your pockets (real or fake).  Extravagant jewelry (real or fake).


Wolfe Wicker


Wolfe Wicker is the sarcastic butler of the town tycoon Reese Rich.  The word from the grapevine is that Wolfe’s current position as Reese’s butler is due to a long-standing blackmail. Many have tried to validate this rumor but have failed.  However, one glance at Wolfe’s solemn expression says more than words can express.

Wolfe's father owns a small chemical company that has been touted for their environmental awareness and high industrial standards. Recently, a new employee was fired from the company. Nobody knows the details, as everything was done with great discretion. 

Suggested attire: Black suit, white gloves.


Piper Morgan

Poison Control Center Operator

Piper Morgan is the anxious Poison Control Center operator.  Piper takes the job ultra-seriously and can get frazzled easily, but close friends say that this operator needs to take an extended vacation and relax.

Piper has unofficially announced a run for mayor of Kilmore in the next election. Only time will tell if this poison tech can handle the stress of a political campaign.

Suggested attire: Trendy business casual attire.


Isabella Dawson


Isabella Dawson is the moody and insensitive homemaker.  Isabella and her family recently moved to the tiny town of Kilmore, and in no time, she was labeled as the town gossip.  Nobody likes to be around Isabella because of her violent mood swings and because she can’t keep a secret to save her life.

Isabella was recently asked to host the monthly ladies' game night, but the request was declined. Her close friends were shocked that she would pass on such an honor. Some say it might be due to financial concerns, but Isabella would never tell if that is the case. 

Suggested attire: 1950s-style housewife dress and glasses as an optional prop.  Hair in a ponytail.


Kristi Kennedy


Kristi Kennedy is an antisocial librarian who suffers from severe anger management issues. She is extremely judgmental, and this quality tends to offend the customers of the Kilmore Library. Kristi also has an intense fear of germs, so getting too close to her is out of the question!

There have been many cases of the flu in town lately. Kristi recently printed hundreds of pamphlets about how the flu spreads and how to avoid spreading it.  She stood on the street corner for an entire week and handed them out - while wearing gloves and a mask, of course. 

Suggested attire: Conservative librarian attire.


Ali Capone

Reformed Mobster

Ali Capone is a reformed mobster from the Northern Mob Outfit of Chicago. After testifying against the crime boss, the feds relocated her to the town of Kilmore through the Witness Protection Program. Some of the town's residents have discovered that she doesn’t fit in, but the real question is: Will the mob find her?

Suggested attire: A gun moll costume with a semi-concealed toy gun of any kind. Hair should be slicked back into a ponytail, and a fedora should be worn to the side.


Roxy Bux


As long as you don’t mind being judged repeatedly, Roxy Bux is the friend to have.  Very opinionated and outspoken, this heiress is one of the biggest socialites in town!  Along with Reese Rich and Iggy Jonas, Roxy is yet another powerhouse in the town of Kilmore.

Roxy recently announced she would be breaking ground on a new boutique hotel called Hotel Roxy, located across the street from the most popular steakhouse in town, BeBe Steakhouse.  The guests of the new hotel will have a fabulous and quite convenient dining option, that's for sure. 

Suggested attire: Designer, formal attire with a toy stuffed dog as an optional accessory.


Xena Burns


Xena Burns is a self-proclaimed superhero with a peculiar quirk of ending each sentence as a question. You never know when Xena makes a statement or asks for your input. Conversations with Xena can be entertaining yet quite annoying. Xena has recently started an organization dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Kilmore. Her family is definitely worried about her safety and, even more, her sanity.

Suggested attire: Outrageous rebellious teen/superhero attire.



Rebellious Teen

This rebel, formally known as Mary Jones, has unofficially changed her name to Kunas against her parents’ wishes.  Kunas is the spunky senior from Kilmore High School. Kunas constantly mocks everyone and has a reputation for being quite headstrong.

Suggested attire: Rebellious Gothic teen attire – colored wig, black clothing, black lipstick, and fingernails.


Prentis Kale


Prentis Kale is the elusive hired gun from New York. She openly admits what she does for a living but claims there is no evidence to prove she has ever been involved in a crime. Because of her daunting occupation and knowledge of forensic science, nobody questions her if they want to live. Watch your back around this mysterious assassin.

Prentis recently got to town and plans to attend the event at the Stratford Castle. People have been gossiping about Prentis's intentions. 

Suggested attire: Femme Fatale evening gown with a toy gun strapped to your leg. Or an assassin costume.


Vanessa Kesting 

Miss Universe Contestant

Get a tissue box ready if you are going to be around Vanessa Kesting. She is the ultimate over-emotional prima donna. This pageant queen has led one of the most dramatic and emotional lives for only being in her twenties. Many people find her constant plea to give makeovers to others quite offensive and annoying.

Suggested attire: Pageant-style gown (sash if you have one – you can put whatever country you wish) and tiara as an optional prop.


Dolly Dee

Doll Fashion Designer

Dolly Dee is an ultra-feminine doll fashion designer and a dedicated friend. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, she's the one to choose. She’s known to give excellent advice and is the most comforting person around!

Suggested attire: Uber-trendy attire. Doll clothing as optional fun props.


Pepper Keegrip

Television Producer

Pepper Keegrip is the neurotic television producer of most of the hit reality television shows. She is known to be a majorly stressed-out workaholic. Pepper is currently working on a docuseries with J.J. Camron to highlight Iggy Jonas’s success.

Sources near the production have said the filming isn't going as planned. There have been issues with film permit approvals, and Iggy isn't cooperating with suggested storylines written by the show's storywriters.

Suggested attire: Trendy movie producer attire.  A clapboard is an optional prop.


Zelda Zolandy

Pin-Up Model

Zelda Zolandy is the irrational pin-up print model. With quirky adversity to the color orange, Zelda is currently looking to branch out into other fields of fashion—such as runway modeling! It’s too bad orange is the new fashion color this year, as Zelda has had difficulty finding work!

Recently, Zelda wasn't hired for a huge local gig because of her adversity to the color orange. This quirk is starting to affect her career. 

Suggested attire: Pin-up girl attire with bright makeup. Definitely do not wear orange – you hate it.


Lenzy Flash


Lenzy Flash is a tenacious freelance photographer from New York City. She always manages to get the right photos for big scoops and sells them to the highest bidder! There is nothing that Lenzy won’t do to get a snapshot. She is not above blackmailing people to get some extra cash.

Lenzy must have run into a load of cash recently, as she put a down payment on a custom speed boat and paid cash for a new home. The townsfolk are gossiping about what Lenzy must have done to stumble upon this amount of money.

Suggested attire: Casual attire.  Camera as an optional prop.


Fantasia Pink

Martial Artist

If you looked up egotism in the dictionary, Fantasia’s picture would be plastered by the description. Fantasia is a martial artist instructor who has a slight over-exaggeration problem and considerable bad fortune. She manages the Kilmore Martial Arts Studio.

Fantasia lives a meager life in a tiny apartment on the bad side of town and drives a two-decade-old car that trails black smoke from the exhaust pipe. This reveals what Fantasia must earn from her job at the studio. Whoever owns the place needs to raise her salary!

Suggested attire: Martial arts attire.


Brenda Bolean


Brenda Bolean recently gave up the struggle to become a Hollywood star and took a job as a housekeeper at the Kilmore Plaza Hotel.  Brenda isn’t the best at social gatherings, as she can be somewhat hostile and doesn’t get along well with others. This ill-mannered behavior might be because she is angry to have given up the dream.

Suggested attire: Housekeeper/maid attire. A feather duster is an optional prop.


Rose Darling


Rose Darling is the ultra-feminine telemarketer and an infamous drama queen, so get ready for this sensitive diva. Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry—or worse—throw a tantrum that is directed at you!

Suggested attire: Trendy casual attire. Optional to have a headset as a prop.


Dr. Eric Throsite

General Practitioner

Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, of course! It’s Dr. Eric Throsite! He’s the one who tells you to eat an apple a day…except it won’t keep him far away, as he’s only 3 inches from your face when he’s speaking to you! Beware if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking!

Suggested attire: Lab coat, stethoscope as an optional prop, and breath mints if you plan to take your role seriously.


David Copperhead


David Copperhead is an award-winning illusionist and distinguished magician.  With global sold-out performances, he is also famous for his intriguing storytelling and showmanship.  David’s next venture is to launch an amusement park chain called the Copperhead Mountains of Mystery.

Suggested attire: Top hat and black suit/tuxedo or cape (magician's costume). If you want to bring magic tricks, feel free to do so!


Brad Pittman

Local Actor

Brad Pittman is a charismatic stage actor at the Kilmore Theater.  A tad conceited, Brad knows that he is shamefully good-looking and uses his looks to get whatever he wants.  Brad has been the lead actor at the playhouse for many years and is looking for a big break in Hollywood.

Suggested attire: Trendy formal attire.


Liam Williams

District Attorney

Liam Williams is the aggressive district attorney of the town of Kilmore. He is all work and no play, as he is rarely seen outside of the courtroom. Town gossips say he actually purchased a ticket to the Stratford Castle party, which is shocking. If he attends, this will be a first.

Recently, Liam received threats to his family because of toiling with the wrong person, who was an arrogant lawbreaker.  It would be no surprise if Liam applied to other districts and moved his family out of Kilmore - away from the dangerous people living there. 

Suggested attire: Formal business attire.


Beau Valentine

Medical Researcher

Hailing from Austria, Beau Valentine is the manipulative medical researcher at Nelson Laboratories.  Beau easily gains the trust of his human subjects with his Austrian charisma. Let’s all hope that his patients can avoid the spell of his charms and make the right decisions whether or not to participate in his research.

Suggested attire: Lab coat and a stethoscope as a prop.


Rodney Cunningham

Shoe Salesman

Rodney Cunningham is the outgoing men’s shoe salesman at Pedman Shoes. He is silly, young, and broke, with an aura of mischief at all times. Although he is rather unpredictable, he knows everything about footwear.

Rodney claims to be a part-time worker, but there's hardly a time when he isn't the first to greet you when you walk in the door of Pedman Shoes. Something fishy is going on there. 

Suggested attire: Basic, tacky or cheap suit (leisure suit).


Josh O’Neil


Josh O’Neil is an overachieving blogger who pretends to be an investigative field reporter. He is doing anything he can to get the story before the real media of Kilmore does. Josh is making great attempts to undermine both the television station and the local newspaper.

Suggested attire: Business casual attire.  Notepad and pen as optional props.


Barney Black

Physics Professor

Barney Black put the mad in mad scientist.  Barney spends most of his time working in his lab on complex physics formulas in his cluttered office at Quid University.  Dr. Black barely sees the sun and has a difficult time communicating with others.

Suggested attire: Mad scientist costume.


Micky Angelo

Sketch Artist

Micky Angelo, the Italian heartbreaker, is the alluring police sketch artist.  Micky sometimes sings his words while in conversation and quickly blames the outburst of the song on his inner artist.  Nobody has the heart to tell Micky that his sketches are not very accurate.

Suggested attire: Trendy, eccentric artist attire.  Bring a sketchpad and charcoal pencil as an optional prop.


Oliver Tate

Secret Service Agent

Oliver Tate was raised in the town of Kilmore but lives to protect and serve the President of the United States. He often leaves his high-profile job as a Secret Service agent in Washington, D.C., to come home to visit his parents. Oliver hasn’t cracked a smile in over a decade, so his mother bought him a ticket to the Stratford Castle affair and is forcing him to attend.

Suggested attire: A black suit and black glasses. It is optional to wear an earpiece and carry a toy gun.


George Dorfman

Computer Tech Support

Details, details, details!  If you’re speaking to George Dorfman, you better get ready to hear a plethora of intricate fine points and facts about computer networking!  This is one over-explaining member of the Nerd Herd - a computer support team that’s always ready to remedy your technological ailments!

George's closest friends warn people not to make George mad if he's working on their networks or devices. George can make your life difficult and never leave a trace. 

Suggested attire: Technology-inspired attire.


Alan Rinks


Alan Rinks is Reese Rich's personal accountant. He is all about the bottom line and lacks a hint of personality. His personality is so dry that some believe he might even be a programmed robot.

Alan is under investigation at the First Global Bank of Kilmore, where Alan is employed. Everyone seems tight-lipped about what sparked the inquiry, but Alan certainly seems nervous nowadays.

Suggested attire: Business attire.  Calculator as an optional prop.


Jack Bean

Chief Financial Officer

Jackie Bean is the Chief Financial Officer at Kleensafe, Incorporated, the largest corporation in town. Jack is a friendly person but often rants about governmental conspiracies. Jack’s fellow employees often speculate that Jack wraps foil around windows, antennae, or anything else to prevent the government from spying. 

Suggested attire: Business attire. If you want to make others laugh, bring some foil to wrap things


Chuck Smalls


Chuck Smalls is Nelson Laboratories' nosy custodian. He lurks in the hallways at all hours of the day and night and has been spotted loitering around the executive offices at night. Nobody knows why he works so many hours, but some lab employees have their theories.

Suggested attire: Custodian attire.  Mop/broom as an optional prop.


Jason Edwards


Jason Edwards is the bossy butcher at the Kilmore Meat Emporium.  The shop has a reputation for having the best meat in town, but the most unfriendly staff.  Unfortunately, customers have to endure being ridiculed by Jason in order to purchase meat!

Suggested attire: Butcher uniform.  Toy cleaver as an optional prop.


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