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Grillin, Chillin, Killin

Sunny Lane is a neighborhood where harmony mostly prevails, yet a few have sown discord, leading to chaos and misunderstanding. In an effort to mend fences, the neighborhood Home Owner's Association has upheld the tradition of the annual block party, viewing it as a means to broker peace among residents and restore the community's congenial spirit.

This year, the festivities are set to unfold at the home of Kris Angels, a professional magician renowned for adhering strictly to the Magician's Oath and Code of Ethics. Kris, normally private due to concerns over exposing trade secrets, has taken unusual steps this time, reportedly renting a storage unit to safeguard magical paraphernalia from prying eyes during the event.

Your invitation has arrived, stirring excitement for an afternoon of sunshine, friendly games, and savory delights on the grill. Anticipation builds as you envision reconnecting with neighbors and enjoying the communal joy. Here, amidst laughter and the clinking of glasses, your journey within this unique community begins.

Guest List



Criminal Defense Attorney

Mardi Chaser is a distinguished criminal defense attorney in the town of Greenville.  This wild attorney is famous for wacky commercials on television and billboards in town.  Dedication and persistence have catapulted Mardi into a penthouse office.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Wear a sharp, well-tailored suit in a darker summer color like a dark blue, paired with a crisp dress shirt and tie/scarf. Accessorize with a briefcase or portfolio, and a watch, and add subtle yet professional jewelry for a polished, authoritative look.




Kris Angels is a hardworking magician. The townspeople of Greenville often hire Kris for children’s parties, corporate events, and other events. Kris aspires to leave Greenville and break into the entertainment industry with the show The Angel Magic Experience.

Suggested attire: Magician's costume. Optional wand and top hat as props. If you wish, bring some magic tricks to perform.



Stand-up Comic

Sam Lafton is a peculiar stand-up comic.  Beware of chats with Sam unless you like uncomfortable stares and awkward pauses. Sam roasts the good people of Greenville during comedy routines, and many consider Sam to be an archenemy.

Suggested attire: Any costume that will make people laugh. Funny t-shirt and jeans, or go all out with a rubber chicken costume.



Video Game Designer

Tendo Harvey is a physically fit video game designer who loves to talk about one thing – Tendo Harvey.  Tendo was a notorious school bully many years ago, and this behavior seeps back to the surface when Tendo doesn’t get what Tendo wants.

Suggested attire: Video gamer costume. From a t-shirt of Zelda to an Assassin's Creed full Cosplay costume - feel free to own it!




Logan Anthony is the bossy butcher at the Greenville Meat Emporium. The shop has a reputation for having the best meat in town but has the most unfriendly staff. Unfortunately, customers must endure Logan's ridicule to purchase steaks.

Suggested attire: Apron and plastic butcher knife. Or, you can be a creepy butcher - why not?



Professional Dog Handler

Drew Adel is an award-winning professional dog handler. Drew is a loyal friend and hard worker. Drew has a competitive spirit and is a permanent resident of the American Dog Club winner’s circle. Drew will do anything for an ADC National Championship.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Optional to have a dog whistle or some 'awards' you've won as fun props. 



Canine Behavioral Specialist

Corey Melon is an arrogant canine behavioral specialist.  This dog whisperer owns the only training facility in town and charges enormous rates for services.  Corey is difficult to deal with and angers most of the facility's clients.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Dress in durable cargo pants or jeans, a t-shirt or polo shirt (summer themed). Optional to wear a utility vest and accessorize with a treat pouch, whistle or clicker, a leash, and training props like a toy dog or agility cones, adding a baseball cap or sunglasses for a professional touch.



Makeup Artist

Omari Shady is a creative makeup artist and meticulous facial artist, which is most likely why Omari's work always appears in the trendiest fashion magazines.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Accessorize with a makeup brush belt, a set of professional brushes, and a small apron or utility belt for tools, and add a fashionable hat or headband for a chic touch.



Tiki Waters is the discourteous lifeguard at the Greenville Water Park and a bad-mannered party crasher. To the other guests’ dismay, Tiki has acquired an invite to the Sunny Lane Block Party, even though Tiki lives across town!

Suggested attire: Baywatch costume or any lifeguard attire. Whistle and foam board as optional props.




Pizzy Tankus is the antisocial guitarist for the band Armpit Anguish.  Pizzy suffers from anger management issues and is judgmental of others.  These nasty qualities tend to anger Pizzy’s bandmates – and anyone within earshot.

Suggested attire: Rock star or pop star costume. Toy guitar &/or microphone/headset as an optional prop.



Dog Groomer

Alex Combs is a legendary dog handler who became famous in the dog show circuit in the ‘90s.  Lately, Alex has focused on dog grooming at Canine Cleaners - a shop owned by Alex. This former handler refuses to return to the world of dog shows, but nobody understands what made Alex lose the spirit of competition.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Add a water resistant smock or apron and accessorize with grooming tools like scissors, brushes, and combs in a tool belt, and consider adding a name tag or logo for a professional look.


Gossip Columnist

Kelly Christie is the talented gossip columnist for the Greenville Times.  Kelly knows everybody in town and has written about nearly everyone in the gossip column.  However, it’s not an honor to be talked about in Kelly’s articles. The townspeople avoid Kelly’s radar.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire.Wear stylish, trendy summer clothing such as a chic blazer over a fashionable blouse, paired with tailored pants or a skirt and elegant shoes. Accessorize with a notepad, pen, and a voice recorder, and add a statement necklace or glasses for a sophisticated, professional touch.



Originally hailing from the UK, this feisty individual is currently seeking employment.  Joss has experience in nearly every blue-collar job, so Joss is a jack of all trades.  However, Joss’s vast array of skills isn’t proving to be an asset, as Joss cannot seem to land a position anywhere! 

Suggested attire: Very casual summer attire. Or a onesie/PJ set, bath or house robe, slippers, or video game-themed attire since you love playing video games. 



Fashion Designer

Micki Walker has aspired to become a fashion designer since age three.  Micki’s creations quickly capture the notice of celebs, and it’s only a matter of time before Micki’s garments walk the runways of New York City.  Micki is an old soul in a young body and speaks like an octogenarian.

Suggested attire: Casual summer attire. Select something very trendy & fashionable, and use plenty of accessories. 

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