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As the Ball Drops Murder Mystery Party

The Broadway Plaza Hotel of historic Times Square of New York City is hosting their fabulous Annual New Year's Eve Bash. The Who's Who of New York City will arrive on the scene in their most fashionable attire to get the party started with delectable appetizers and fun party games! You've got your VIP ticket and have booked your room at the infamous Broadway Plaza Hotel.  This is where your story begins...

need something to wear?

Invited Guests

Chief Executive Officer
Powers Schwartz is the power hungry Chief Executive Officer. Feared by all, this authoritative leader is definitely not one to cross if you know what is good for you! As strong of a Chief as Powers may be, everyone who works for Powers has to ‘bite their tongue’ and be ‘quiet as a mouse’ when Powers speaks, as it’s well known that Powers has a horrible habit of speaking in cheesy clichés!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Fake business cards as optional props.

If you’re in need of a professional realtor who can get the job done, Mortie Gauge is the only one to call upon…at least that is what Mortie’s tacky television commercials say! This ultra-fake and overly friendly realtor is definitely looking out for ‘number one’ so if Mortie is representing you with a new home purchase, a ‘good deal’ is the last thing you should expect! Friendliness can be deceiving as Mortie is a friend to nobody!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual attire. Fake business cards, house listings, etc. as optional props.


Vegas Lounge Performer
Glottie Larinx’s photo is plastered on billboards and buses throughout Las Vegas, Nevada as Glottie’s one of the long-standing lounge performers on Freemont Street. With lungs of an athlete and the vocal chords of a canary, Glottie will entertain you with constant, never-ending performances! Too bad that Glottie has a compulsive gambling problem and is an endless ‘one-upper’ or this performer would be an awesome friend to have!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal attire. Fake microphone as an optional prop.

B Movie Actor/Actress
Reece Vaughn is the struggling B movie actor/actress. Known for powerful screams and overly dramatic chase scenes, Reece is destined for the Hollywood Big Screen one day….or is s/he? Well, according to Reece, if s/he doesn’t make it – it would be anyone’s fault besides this drama conjurer’s as s/he is very quick to point the blame at anyone for anything.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Slightly trendy attire albeit cheap looking. Fake DVD covers of B Horror movies as optional accessories.

Wealthy Entrepreneur
Trumpy Gates is the uber-wealthy entrepreneur and world traveler. Trumpy’s extremely condescending nature certainly doesn’t earn him/her a spot in anyone’s circle of friends, especially because s/he often forgets who is one of his/her many employees! According to Trumpy, everyone works for him/her either directly or indirectly and if not, they’re for sale at a price.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy and expensive looking attire. Money (fake) coming out of every pocket. Oversized costume jewelry.

Bird Watcher
Avy Arie is the overly romantic bird watcher who originally hails from a small, isolated island off the coast of South Africa. An avid poet, Avy is also a great and loyal friend to have…that is if you don’t mind the intimate space breaches and constant fashion violations. Do you hear the fashion police sirens going off? Yup! Avy just got dressed for the party!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheesy safari outfit with binoculars as an optional prop. You are a fashion disaster!

Personal Chef
Soss Parsley is the accident-prone personal chef to Trumpy Gates. Known to have a constant black cloud looming above, this bad luck guru of the kitchen certainly isn’t one to pick up any messes or much less possess a shred of good manners. This is definitely not a chef you’d want to bring home to meet the parents! Unless they own a charm school, that is!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. Optional props are spatulas, rolling pin, measuring spoons, fake chef’s knife, etc.

Wedding Videographer
Tip Burton is the most melancholy wedding videographer on the planet! Why this doom and gloomer would choose a career to film couples on the happiest day of their lives is beyond anyone’s comprehension. However, this gothic wedding videographer’s dark and quirky wedding videos are becoming quite the trend.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic, dark attire. A French beret and blue tinted sunglasses as optional props.

Pat Inteman is one of the most brilliant folks you’ll ever meet! A Harvard Grad, Pat is an over-achiever who continued with graduate school in Biomedical Engineering at MIT. This creative engineer, however, has a problem with the control of his/her voice at times, as s/he goes from whispering to nearly shouting within the same sentence!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual. Any type of nut, bolt, blue print, robot, etc. as an optional prop. Fake patents as optional accessories.

Unemployed Couch Potato
There’s no doubt that Takey McTakerton should be angry! Anyone that lacks ambition and doesn’t have a job should be downright furious…with themselves, that is! However, this couch potato has some major anger management issues so get ready to ‘walk on eggshells’ around this lazy soul unless you want to be a victim of a senseless tirade. Strangely, Takey is hardly seen without his/her group of loyal unemployed friends.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Stained white tank top. Stained pants. Bag of chips and an empty wallet as optional props.

Sunny who? Well, that is what most people will say about Sunny Flowers as s/he is one of the most shy and reserved characters you will ever meet. Sunny lingers in the back of a crowd and watches from the shadows. Weird enough, s/he is also known to speak to plants way more than people!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual work attire with an apron. Pruning shears and flowers (real or silk) as optional props.

Professional Golfer
Skyler Green is the narcissistic and extremely cheerful professional golfer who really knows how to get a party started! Appreciated by all as the ‘life of the party,’ this golf-loving partier loves to impersonate golf course animals!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Golf attire. Clubs, tees and balls as optional props. Golf visor is optional.


Don’t even bother bringing in a hairstyle magazine because if you sit in Cara Tinn’s chair, you’re going to get the one and only cut and style she knows! Who cares if her signature style is outdated by twenty years and all of her customers look identical? She certainly doesn’t! This nerdy and flirty hair diva has her trademark hairdo down pat and it’s the best in NYC…of its kind, that is!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and fashionable outfit. Hair in an outrageous style from at least two decades ago. Comb and styling cape as optional props.


Fashion Designer
From a poor orphan in Italy learning to sew by hand to the bright lights of the Paris runways, the ostentatious Rudolfo DeChanel has definitely made more than his mark in fashion history. This glitzy icon of style has one of the most remarkable rags to riches success stories ever known and today, he’s an infamous fashion icon in New York City!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ultra-trendy yet extravagant designer attire. The more flamboyant, the better! Remember to accessorize!


Owner, The Greenery
Moonbeam Rainbows is the spunky owner of The Greenery - a store dedicated to selling environmentally friendly products. Known as a modern day hippy and environmentalist, Moonbeam is well loved and appreciated tremendously, as she accommodates everybody’s needs - even at her own expense.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful t-shirt, tight bell-bottom pants, circular colored specs.


No stranger to hard work, this farmer’s up at dawn and works until dusk! You’d never guess that Gunner doubles as a romantic poet. He spends his free time at the Living Poet’s Society gatherings reciting awe-inspiring love poems! Gunner is also quite random, as he loves to impersonate animals on his farm!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a flannel shirt. Pitchfork and straw farming hat as optional props.


Fitness Instructor
Jane Simmons is the creator of Buns of Iron – an intense home video workout regimen that she developed to build the muscle tone of the gluteus muscles. There isn’t many seconds of the day that Jane isn’t working out, teaching a fitness class or writing another book on the optimal fitness of gluteus muscles. This Buns of Iron guru is all about fitness.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any style work out clothing with a headband and wristbands as optional accessories.


Originally hailing from the bayous of southern Louisiana, Jack is currently traveling the world in search of the best deep-sea fishing. He recently took a position as a captain, hosting deep sea fishing excursions along the New York coast. Jack is infamous for his pirate impersonations and prefers to be called Captain Jack Marrow.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fisherman attire. Optional to wear a pirate costume / props. Optional rubber fish as a prop.

Life is one party at a time.

Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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