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Turmoil in the Toyshop

The bells are ringing for the Annual Pre-Christmas Toy Production Meeting in Christmas Village! Mrs. Santa is dispatching invitations to the key players of the 'Big Delivery' slated for Christmas Eve, and your presence is eagerly requested. With the meeting date fast approaching, Christmas Village is on the brink of becoming a ghost town. This unusual quiet will unfold as worker elves, granted an afternoon of leisure, depart their workshops for a day of exhilaration at an amusement park in Gingersnap Village. Despite Dank the Elf's significant protest against this respite, Santa's word prevailed, ensuring the elves their well-deserved break. Thus, the North Pole's VIPs are set to convene in the Toyshop Board Room, determined to orchestrate a flawless operation for the upcoming Christmas delivery.
This is where your story begins.

Toyshop Meeting Attendees

Mrs. Santa Claus
Mother of Christmas
At the North Pole, it's an open secret that Mrs. Santa Claus is in charge. Known as the formidable Mother of Christmas, she orchestrates the festive season with precision and grace. Mrs. Claus runs a tight ship, ensuring everything runs smoothly during the bustling holiday season. With a compassionate ear and a knack for problem-solving, she is always ready to lend a listening ear and offer solutions to the residents of Christmas Village. Her unwavering dedication and nurturing nature make her the beloved matriarch of the North Pole, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas thrives under her watchful and caring guidance.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A long, red velvet dress, black boots, white wig, and bonnet/glasses as accessories.


Santa Claus
Father of Christmas
Santa Claus radiates joy with his iconic rosy cheeks, round belly, and infectious holiday spirit. However, this year, concerns arise as his increasing irresponsibility threatens to disrupt the success of the Christmas toy run. Despite his jovial nature, Santa occasionally indulges in mischievous pranks, making it essential to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings. While Santa's practical jokes add a playful element to the season, it is crucial to strike a balance and ensure that his lighthearted nature doesn't overshadow the critical tasks at hand. With the spirit of the season at stake, Santa must be reminded of his responsibilities to deliver the joy and wonder of Christmas to children around the world.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A long red velvet coat, white faux fur trim, black boots, a wide black belt, and the iconic red velvet hat. Glasses, white wig/beard. Sticky notepad as an optional prop for pranks.


Umami the Elf
Director of the Nice or Naughty List
Meet Umami, the Elder Elf of Christmas Village. As the Director of the Naughty or Nice List, Umami ensures fairness and accountability, even if it comes at the expense of embracing the cheer that permeates the air in Christmas Village. The other elves, perplexed by this demeanor, wonder if it results from accumulated wisdom or the immense stress accompanying the job. Unfortunately, being in Umami's presence lacks the usual merriment and joy found among their fellow elves. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful tunic with pointy shoes, topped with a wrinkled hat and a long, flowing beard (m) or long, gray wig (f).


Dank the Elf
Director of Toy Production
Meet Dank, the meticulous and detail-oriented Director of Toy Production at Santa's Toyshop. Renowned for their micro-managing tendencies, Dank leaves no room for error as they oversee the intricate process of crafting toys with utmost precision. Crossing paths with this formidable elf comes with a cautionary note, for the consequences of a doublecross are steep. Amidst the bustling halls of Santa's Toyshop, Dank's presence exudes discipline and order, ensuring that each toy is perfectly crafted. Dank's devoted minions from the factory form an unwavering shield, always surrounding this department head.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vibrant, striped velvet tunic, pointed shoes, a jingling hat, and striped stockings.

The Toyshop Elves
The toyshop elves form the backbone of the North Pole's workforce, embodying unmatched dedication and diligence. Under the guidance of Dank the Elf, the esteemed Director of Toy Production at Santa's Toyshop, their unwavering work ethic is evident. Dank, known for their meticulous attention to detail, upholds a reputation as a strict supervisor with a penchant for micro-management. However, this disciplined approach ensures that each toy crafted by the team is a flawless masterpiece. With precision and skill, they transform raw materials into enchanting playthings that will bring joy to children worldwide. The synergy within this extraordinary team resonates with their unwavering commitment to excellence, making the toyshop a haven of craftsmanship and imagination. Their collective efforts form the heart of the holiday magic, creating cherished memories and spreading the spirit of wonder and delight with every toy they meticulously bring to life.

Vibrant, striped velvet tunic, pointed shoes, a jingling hat, and striped stockings. Any toys as optional props. 

Ebbie Smooge
Chief Executive Officer, Smooge Enterprises
Meet Ebbie Smooge, the stoic and skeptical sibling of Mrs. Santa Claus, who frequently embarks on journeys to the North Pole to dissuade their sister and her spouse from indulging in extravagant spending on crafting and dispersing Christmas toys. Ebbie personifies grumpiness and skepticism, often challenging the festive spirit with their unwavering demeanor. Accompanied by a loyal entourage, they stand firm in their convictions, intent on curbing what they perceive as excessive frivolity.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered, dark Victorian-era suit, adorned with a worn-out top hat, and a frayed scarf.

Ebbie Smooge's Entourage

Employee, Smooge Enterprises
Welcome to the daunting realm of Smooge Enterprises, where a team of diligent assistants and employees tiptoe through their workdays, united by a shared fear of their formidable boss. In this atmosphere of trepidation, their every move is laced with caution as they strive to meet the demanding expectations set by their imposing leader. Nervous glances and hushed whispers fill the air as they navigate the delicate balance between their duties and avoiding the wrath that awaits any misstep. Yet, amidst the palpable apprehension, this resilient team demonstrates unwavering adaptability, honing their skills to anticipate their boss's needs and exceeding expectations to survive in this challenging corporate landscape. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: You all try to emulate your boss to make them happy, so wear a tattered, dark Victorian-era suit, adorned with a worn-out top hat, and a frayed scarf.


Foxworthy the Elf
Head Toy Maker
Meet Foxworthy, the dedicated head toymaker of the North Pole, whose presence infuses Santa's workshop with a delightful Southern charm. With a perfect blend of craftsmanship and warmth, Foxworthy takes on the immense responsibility of preparing the Christmas toys for the grand delivery with unwavering dedication. Every toy that passes through their hands is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each creation is a masterpiece of precision and quality. With Foxworthy leading the way, Santa's workshop becomes a haven of creativity and enchantment, transforming dreams into tangible gifts of happiness.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful pointed hat, a festive tunic adorned with buttons and patches, striped leggings, and curly-toed shoes.


Viper the Elf
Sleigh Mechanic
Viper, the enigmatic and introverted elf, finds solace within the confines of the North Pole Sleigh Shop. Whispers of their mysterious nature circulate among their fellow elves as this mechanic possesses an uncanny ability to evade unnecessary interactions gracefully. Viper's preference for solitude is understandable, especially considering their ongoing feud with the eccentric Dank the Elf—a clash that sparks little surprise among their peers.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Rugged overalls (red &/or green), a tool belt adorned with gadgets, and a festive hat with tool-themed decorations.


Pax the Elf
North Pole Office Manager
Meet Pax, the esteemed office manager of The North Pole, Inc., whose reputation as the ultimate budget guru precedes them. Renowned for their remarkable ability to maximize savings during the holiday season, Pax is a master at squeezing every last drop of value from every resource. Their dedication to efficiency and productivity sets the tone for the entire office. With Pax at the helm, the team operates like a well-oiled machine, executing tasks with precision and focus. However, in this quest for optimal performance, free time becomes a precious and scarce commodity, as Pax's watchful gaze keeps everyone committed to their responsibilities.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Crisp, tailored suit (red &/or green) with festive touches like an elf-themed tie or a sparkly brooch, complete with a clipboard and a stack of paperwork in hand.

Office Workers

North Pole Administration

Under the astute leadership of Pax, a team of dedicated office workers thrives within the dynamic environment of The North Pole, Inc. Committed to upholding the high standards set by their budget-savvy manager, this group embodies the values of efficiency, productivity, and unwavering work ethics. With each member contributing their unique expertise and skill set, they form a harmonious unit that operates like a well-coordinated symphony. From meticulous accountants to detail-oriented administrators, their collective efforts ensure smooth day-to-day operations and streamlined organizational processes. While free time may be a rare luxury under Pax's watchful gaze, this team's unwavering commitment and the shared pursuit of excellence make them an invaluable asset to the success of The North Pole, Inc.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Crisp, tailored suit (red &/or green) with festive touches like an elf-themed tie or a sparkly brooch, complete with a clipboard and a stack of paperwork in hand.

Mimsy the Elf
Toy Car Painter
Introducing Mimsy, the effortlessly stylish and trend-setting Elf of the North Pole, who radiates an aura of coolness and poise. Mimsy tackles the task of painting toy cars at the toyshop with remarkable precision, never spilling a single drop of paint. Their artistic prowess is matched only by their fashion-forward sensibilities. Mimsy's impeccable style and unmatched creativity make them a true trendsetter in the North Pole, elevating the fashion game and injecting a sense of excitement and glamour into the toyshop.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vibrant jumpsuit splattered with colorful paint splotches, accessorized with a matching beret and funky sunglasses.


Ant the Elf
Ant, the masterful candymaker of the North Pole, creates confections that never fail to delight and bring joy to all who taste them. With their expert craftsmanship and a touch of magic, Ant flawlessly conjures up tantalizing treats that captivate the senses. However, their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to perfection can occasionally test the patience of the stocking stuffer department, who playfully quip that Ant's pace could rival a snail's stroll in holiday traffic. Despite the playful banter, there's no denying the sheer artistry and exquisite taste that Ant's creations embody, making the wait well worth it.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vibrant and colorful candy-themed outfit, complete with a striped apron, a chef's hat adorned with gumdrops, and candy cane-striped leggings.


Dipper the Elf
Giftwrap Specialist
Dipper the Elf is the North Pole Giftwrap Specialist who brings a vibrant energy and lively spirit. Dipper's presence is like a breath of fresh air, infusing every corner with joy and laughter. Whenever a dose of merriment is needed, Dipper is the go-to Elf, ready to unleash side-splitting Christmas jokes that can uplift even the grumpiest of souls. With Dipper around, the North Pole becomes a place where smiles are contagious, and laughter echoes through the halls.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vibrant ensemble of mismatched festive patterns adorned with ribbons and bows. Jingle bell hat, a festive scarf, and a pair of elfish shoes.


Lun the Elf
Santa’s Bag Stuffer
Lun, the enigmatic and spirited Elf of the North Pole,  takes the lead in loading Santa's iconic red bag for the highly-anticipated Christmas Eve toy delivery. Guiding a dynamic team, they orchestrate the precise coordination required to ensure Santa's bag is filled to perfection. As the hours tick closer to Christmas Eve, the anticipation builds, and Lun's leadership shines, leaving no doubt that this elf's playful nature is essential in creating the magic that makes the holiday season extraordinary.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vibrant green jumpsuit with oversized pockets. Sturdy black boots, a festive red and white striped hat.

Santa's Bag Stuffing Team

Employee of Lun the Elf
Santa's bag-stuffing team is a remarkable ensemble of nimble-fingered elves with an extraordinary talent for turning Santa's sleigh into a treasure trove of wonder. With unmatched speed and precision, they orchestrate the intricate dance of packing presents into Santa's magical bag, ensuring every gift finds its place. Lun the Elf leads this team and operates with unwavering focus and efficiency, embracing the responsibility of curating the perfect blend of joy and surprise for each child worldwide. As they skillfully navigate through stacks of gifts, their commitment to excellence and unwavering attention to detail ensures that no wish goes unfulfilled. Their dedication to the art of bag stuffing and their steadfast belief in the spirit of giving makes them Santa's invaluable partners in spreading the magic of Christmas.

Vibrant green jumpsuit with oversized pockets. Sturdy black boots, a festive red and white striped hat.


Rudy the Reindeer
Head Reindeer
Rudy, the radiant and Rosy-nosed reindeer, exudes an irresistible force of holiday cheer. With their luminous nose that guides through even the densest fog, Rudy possesses a remarkable talent for persuasion, effortlessly convincing Santa to grant their every wish. This extraordinary ability has earned them a legendary status at the North Pole, where their charm and charisma are unmatched. As they soar through the night sky, leading Santa's sleigh with unwavering determination, Rudy's radiant spirit ignites the joy and wonder that define the true essence of Christmas.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Brown bodysuit (faux fur if possible). Red, shiny foam nose, antlers attached to a headband, and a festive red harness adorned with jingling bells.

The Sleigh Team
Santa's Reindeer
Led by the radiant force of holiday cheer, Rudy, Santa's sleigh team is an awe-inspiring sight. With a luminous nose guiding the way through the foggy night sky, Rudy sets the pace for this majestic group of reindeer. Each team member embodies grace and strength with their sleek and mighty forms as they effortlessly glide through the air. Bound by an unbreakable bond and unwavering loyalty, they navigate the vast expanse of the world with precision and unity, ensuring that Santa's sleigh reaches every rooftop on time. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Brown bodysuit (faux fur if possible). Brown/black shiny foam nose, antlers attached to a headband, and a festive red harness adorned with jingling bells.

Sprocket the Elf
Toy Repair Shop
Sprocket the Elf, the esteemed handy person of the North Pole, is a true master of all trades, admired for their unparalleled skills in fixing anything and everything that comes their way. Their reputation as the go-to problem solver is well-deserved, as they possess an uncanny ability to breathe new life into broken toys, mend faulty machinery, and tackle any technical challenge. While some playful elves may tease Sprocket for being a bit of a "Santa's favorite" due to their knack for winning his favor, nobody could deny their invaluable contribution to the North Pole team. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Rugged yet stylish ensemble, featuring a tool belt, utility jumpsuit, and playful, festive work boots.


Pollie the Polar Bear
Sleigh Loader
Meet Pollie, the dignified Polar Bear who takes great pride in their essential role as the meticulous sleigh loader of Santa's Village. With unwavering dedication, Pollie ensures that every item is meticulously placed and flawlessly organized, leaving no detail overlooked. Their commitment to perfection is matched only by their gracious demeanor, as they impart valuable lessons in proper etiquette to all who have the privilege of crossing their path. Pollie's regal presence exudes a sense of poise and sophistication, commanding respect from both fellow creatures and visiting guests. In the bustling hub of Santa's Village, their meticulous nature and commitment to order bring harmony and efficiency to the jolly preparations.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White onesie with white faux fur accents on wrist, tummy, and ankles. White face paint with dark accents for the nose, eyes, and claws as black press-on fingernails.


Claudia Claus
Santa Claus’s Sister
Meet Claudia Claus, a force of mischief and trouble who lives with unabashed enthusiasm. Claudia has been the mischievous partner-in-crime of her brother, Santa Claus, since childhood. Together, they have wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of laughter and fun. Their sibling rivalry knows no bounds, as they engage in pranks that keep everyone on their toes. Yet, amidst the chaos, Claudia and Santa have an undeniable bond, as their shared adventures forge memories that will last a lifetime.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A playful twist on the traditional Santa outfit, a trendy red jumpsuit, a chic fur-trimmed coat, and a sparkling Santa hat.


Icy the Snowperson
Rap Artist
Meet Icy, the beloved snowperson of the North Pole. With a heart full of fun and an infectious love for life, Icy has become a true friend to all the elves and has even embarked on a remarkable journey as a rising rap artist. However, one tiny setback makes conversing with Icy a bit frosty—this snowperson's an extreme close talker. So, while chatting with Icy might send shivers down your spine, the warmth of friendship is always worth braving the chilly encounters.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: wear a white outfit and accessorize with a carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons, a top hat, and a cozy red scarf. 

Gingey Spice

Gingerbread Cookie
Introducing the one and only Gingey Spice, the epitome of confidence and charm in cookie form. Residing in the enchanting realm of the North Pole, this cookie connoisseur tends to have an ego as sweet as the gingerbread they're made of. Firmly convinced that everyone secretly desires to possess their cookie-like qualities, Gingey Spice adds a sprinkle of narcissism to their delightful existence.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A brown outfit and accessorize with gingerbread-inspired details such as a gingerbread-shaped hat or headband, cookie-shaped buttons, icing decorations, and candy accents


Nat the Nutcracker
Nat the Nutcracker is a captivating figure from Russia. Nat's passion for dancing is boundless, and though shrouded in an air of mystery, this enigmatic nutcracker knows precisely how to unleash a flurry of jaw-dropping moves, leaving spectators in awe. While Nat may not be the most vocal of characters, the language of dance is where this graceful performer truly shines, showcasing the power of self-expression through every elegant step.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Regal military-style jacket in vibrant colors like red or blue, adorned with gold accents and decorative buttons, and pair it with matching pants, tall black boots, and a distinctive nutcracker hat or helmet.


Jackie Frost
Legendary Figure
Jackie Frost is the infamous embodiment of winter's icy grip. A rapid temperature drop signals their frosty presence whenever Jackie enters a room. Known for being a touch obnoxious, Jackie Frost lives for the thrill of freezing moments in time, caring little for the concerns of others. While relying on Jackie may prove to be a frosty endeavor, this legendary figure undeniably holds the power to transform any scene into a winter wonderland, leaving a frosty imprint wherever they go.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A flowing, icy-toned cloak, a tailored suit with shimmering accents, accessorize with silver jewelry and finish the look with a short, styled haircut
of blue or silver (wig). 

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