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Murder at the Red Haven Cottage

The recent weeks have cast a shadow over the vampire community worldwide, stirring unrest and fear even among the oldest and most powerful of your kind. An unprecedented threat has emerged: a shadowy figure known only as the global vampire slayer, whose relentless and indiscriminate campaign has resulted in the deaths of numerous vampires. The randomness and efficiency of the attacks have sown chaos and confusion, leaving the community in desperate need of leadership and direction.

In response to this dire situation, Stat LeBacourt, the revered leader of the International Vampire Coven (IV-C) and a being of immense power and influence, has called an emergency meeting. Recognizing the gravity of the threat and the need for a unified response, he has chosen the secluded and secure Red Haven Cottage in Three Forks, Colorado, as the gathering point. This location, known for its mystical protections and discreet nature, is where the future of vampires may well be decided.

Your summons to this meeting is a testament to your standing within the vampire community. It’s a call that cannot be ignored, carrying with it the weight of responsibility and the urgency of the moment. As you prepare to make the journey, you understand that the decisions made at this gathering will shape the future of your kind. The need for strategy, solidarity, and strength has never been greater.

Your story begins as you set out for Red Haven Cottage under the cover of night, racing against time and fate. You are part of a crucial turning point that will demand wisdom, courage, and power. The fate of vampires across the globe rests not just on the shoulders of Stat LeBacourt but also on the collective action of those summoned, including you. 

Guest List

Roman Vampire Elder of the International Vampire Coven (IV-C)
Originally hailing from 14th Century Rome, Stat LeBacourt Is the Elder of the International Vampire Coven (IV-C). He is a strong and respected leader of the Coven who lightens up the room by telling jokes and bursting into song whenever the time’s right.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic and very trendy attire. Fake vampire teeth as an optional prop.


Egyptian Vampire and Heiress
Antakia, once an Egyptian princess many centuries ago, is the ruthless prankster of the group. She isn’t respected by many of the other vampires as she is known to lash out and do anything to get attention. She owns the world’s largest vampire bat farm in the forests behind her castle in Egypt, and many other vampires believe she plans to take over the world one day!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy, flashy attire with an Egyptian arm bracelet.  Fake vampire bats as optional props.


Swedish Half Vampire and Ex-Vampire Hunter
Viktor Van Helsen is an obsessive and mean-spirited ex-vampire hunter. During his last hunt a few years ago, he was scratched by a wicked vampire, which turned him into an unprecedented living vampire hybrid. The hunter became the hunted, and he loathes what he has become. He is openly judgmental of others and spreads horrible rumors about the vampires of the International Vampire Coven in hopes of causing chaos.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampire Hunter Costume - leather jacket, rugged hat, and any cliché amulets, garlic, ‘holy water,’ etc. as optional props.


Hungarian Vampire and Werewolf Hunter
The happy-go-lucky Selena Stoker is the hyperactive werewolf hunter from the Hungary countryside. She is one of the only vampires who truly embraces what she is, and she loves performing gothic rap songs for the group about current events. She is definitely the one to be around at any social gathering. That is, unless you’re a werewolf!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampira Costume. Fake vampire teeth and vampire makeup as optional accessories.


English Vampire - Werewolf Hybrid and Government Spy
Lord Armond Rufkin is not a vampire you’d invite to a nice dinner at your home to meet your parents! Void of good manners, his incessant rudeness, and shrieking laughter, will send even the most tolerant vampire into agony! Some say that the werewolf bite he received long ago caused him to become much less civilized.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All black clothing with a trench coat and hat. A patch of fake wolf hair on the face and coming out of shirt sleeves as an optional prop.


American Vampire and College Student
Belladonna Swanson is the newest member of the vampire coven as she was only bestowed immortal energy from her fiancé Edwin Collin a few weeks ago. She is slightly nerdy but is the one who gets the party started with her innovative dance moves.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Slightly nerdy and slightly gothic attire. Fake vampire teeth as an optional prop.


American Vampire and Resident Physician
The overly mysterious Edwin Collin is the only vampire who actually cares what other vampires think. He constantly stresses about others, and some find this to be quite bizarre behavior—especially from a vampire.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and slightly gothic attire. Fake vampire teeth as an optional prop. Optional to wear a lab coat over your gothic clothes.


Hungarian Vampire and Supermodel
Sonia Visigoth is a vain, arrogant vampire diva. This one-upping undead is the ‘one to avoid’ at any social gathering! That is unless you want to hear about how magnificent she is and how she’s done everything more and better than you have.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous all-black and gothic-looking attire.


French Vampire and American Rock Star
You shouldn’t believe anything that Vladimir Hawkmoon says as he’s a known compulsive liar! The emotionless Vladimir Hawkmoon can look you straight in the eyes and tell you the most outrageous tall tale…and you’ll believe it every time. Don’t fall victim to this five-hundred-year-old undead rock star.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Rocker costume—all black with polished black fingernails. Optional guitar or microphone (real or fake).


South American Vampire and Socialite
Leera Von Blackraven is an intellectual perfectionist known for having one too many manners—if you ever thought that was possible. This vampire is a socialite who will cater to your every need, which tends to drive the other vampires batty after a while!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Dark-colored Victorian-style dress with hair in a bun.


American Vampire and Celebrity
The fiery Max Magnus is a very powerful vampire with severe anger management problems. This is sometimes a scary combination…especially considering his specialty power is the control of fire! Max is a reality television celebrity and is very well-respected…and feared in the vampire community.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy attire - gothic attire or very flashy attire.


Hungarian Vampire and College Professor
With her ultra-creepy persona…Calpurnia Von Richter is the utterly perfect vampire stereotype! She's the quintessential vampire—beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, and terrifying to boot! Her college students don’t have a clue that Calpurnia has to live off the blood of vampire bats!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic attire and old-world literature as optional props.

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