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Superhero - Villain Summit

With the disastrous news of the infamous Moon King's prison break, heroes around the globe are joining forces with notorious villains to capture the archenemy of planet Earth.  The Freedom League

will host a meeting between heroes and villains in a sanctuary hidden deep in the crime capital of the world - Shadow Falls.  The group will put their heads together to plan strategic moves

to catch the Moon King before he is able to get back to his secret lair and destroy the planet.  This will be the first time that the heroes and villains work together or even be in the same place at the same time.  But what is more dangerous? Getting this group together or allowing the Moon King to be free?  This is where your story begins.

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Invited Guests




Cobaltia was a teen vigilante who over the course of many years worked her way into an unofficial position as a superhero with the Shadow Falls Police Department.  Cobaltia has mastered the art of Jun Fan Gung Fu and her hands have been officially declared lethal weapons.



Borealis hails from a distant planet called Aurorason.  She landed on planet Earth with a fellow group of explorers and found a home in Shadow Falls – a dark city with a never-ending crime wave.  Borealis has the ability to emit charged particles (electrons & protons) from her fingertips, and her powers are strongest at dawn.  She combs the streets of the city to fight crime every sunrise.



  Gandore is from a faraway planet named Ellendale.  Ellendale was depleted of resources centuries ago, and the people of the land scattered across the galaxy.  Gandore is the only one that landed on the planet Earth, however.  Gandore has many superpowers and hasn’t aged since landing on Earth.  The seemingly immortal Gandore is a villain’s worst nightmare and is known as the protector of the Shadow Falls City Streets.



Krom is the self-proclaimed guardian of the New York City streets.  Krom is a vigilante, but the police department stays out of his/her way, as the crime level has plummeted ever since Krom started patrolling the streets.  Krom is always looking to make an alliance with fellow superheroes and has worked very hard to become a member of the Freedom League of Heroes.  



Dart stumbled across a puddle of glowing radioactive wastes many years ago.  She thought it was pretty, so she put it in a jar and brought it home.  Over time, the dangerous waste seeped out of the jar and entered her pores, giving her superhuman strength, intelligence and speed.  She recently learned how to fly and is becoming one of the most valuable members of the Freedom League of Heroes.



Felicity is an orphan who grew up on the streets of Shadow Falls in the shadows of society. She recently joined the Freedom League of Heroes, making her alliance with the good side official.  She knows the streets of Shadow Falls more than anybody, and the Shadow Falls police consider her a valuable resource.



Gold is an obnoxious semi-professional wrestler and budding superhero from Texas.  S/he has recently started to comb the streets of Austin on a nightly basis, but the Austin Police Department think s/he is nothing but a buffoon in a costume looking for a fight.  Gold would love to one day prove s/he is an asset to the police department.



Poison has always teetered on both sides of the law, but in the end, crime fighters all know she has their backs.  She recently was inducted as an official member of the Freedom League and Gandore hopes that will be enough to keep Poison on the good side where she belongs.  Poison loves to travel, so she really doesn’t have a place that she calls home.



Massive Mouse is a bumbling superhero from California who is trying to make it to the Hollywood big screen.  Massive Mouse hasn’t landed many acting gigs, so s/he has recently turned to crime fighting.  Villains flee the scene of the crime when Massive Mouse appears, but mostly because they don’t take him/her seriously.  Some villains have reported that they thought they were being filmed for a prank show.



Princess Gustavia currently resides in Canada but was originally a princess from the planet Xenon.  After landing on Earth, she discovered her ability to control metal. She decided to stay on this planet to use her newfound powers to fight crime.  The princess can be a tad spoiled at times, as she is used to people waiting on her hand and foot.





Flame hails from the Netherlands where she is a terror on the streets.  She uses pyrotechnics to intimidate her foes, and is very knowledgeable about crime scene investigation techniques.  She gets away with absolutely everything.  The infamous crime boss of Shadow Falls, Pandora, is her only true ally, but lives across the globe.



Pandora is the notorious crime boss of Shadow Falls.  She rules the underground with an iron fist and anybody that crosses her always lives to regret it…if they even live to tell the tale.  Pandora has many allies around the globe.  Her closest friend is a pyrotechnics terrorist named Flame.



The Torch is one of the most feared villains on the planet.  The Torch sets fire to absolutely anything using an infamous arsenal of blow torches.  The Torch has an alien appearance due to an unfortunate accident in his/her father’s science lab as a child.  This accident also provided this villain with superhuman strength and the ability to shoot fire from his/her fingertips.



The General is a callous villain from Bunden, Germany. The General has created an army of super villains with the sole mission of world domination.  The General has no concept of humanity, and will do anything to get his/her way.  The Freedom League of Heroes monitors The General and The General's army very closely.



Rubicund is a nomadic villain that roams the globe in search of treasure.  Rubicund is a professional thief and has stolen ancient artifacts all over the world.  Nobody can stop this thieving thug, not even the world’s finest detectives.



Gunge used to be a competitive bodybuilder before turning to the dark side.  Gunge took illegal steroids for many years that not only made Gunge super aggressive, but gave Gunge superhuman strength.  When aggression and strength combine, it’s the perfect storm to create a super villain.  Gunge is currently storming the streets of Shadow Falls. 


Monarch is an arrogant villain from Paris, France.   She has an army of butterflies that are always waiting for her to summon them.  You may think butterflies are sweet creatures, but once you see how ruthless they can be – you’ll never look at them the same.  Monarch is known to throw violent temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.



Jester is a drifting villain who wreaks havoc wherever s/he goes.  Jester is a friend to no one, but claims to be allied with the villains of the world.  Jester’s mean spirited nature might have been caused from an alien spider bite that gave him/her powers to shape-shift into inanimate objects.  However, the more Jester uses superpowers, the more alien in appearance s/he appears.



Paradoxo was once listed at the top of the prestigious Fordes Magazine list of Entrepreneurs of the Year.  Now, this multi-millionaire spends his/her time inventing weapons to use against the superheroes of the world.  Paradoxo has made it his/her life mission to see to it that all superheroes are exterminated. Sources say this is because something happened to Paradoxo as a child and s/he wants revenge.



Wave Runner is a thief who is notorious for burglarizing businesses and residences along the coast line.  She always gets away from the police using a stealth jet ski with a silenced engine.  Nobody knows where Wave Runner lives, but they know when she strikes, as she leaves her calling card of a yellow rose.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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