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Chronicles of Zombie Town

In a landmark pact with the U.S. government, Zombie Town's residents have ceased their hunt for humans, opting for an unusual but less satisfying diet of pumpkins. The shift has led to increased discontent among the population, who still yearn for human flesh.

To counter rising tensions and uplift spirits, Ashes The Emperor has initiated the Undead Festival - a vibrant gathering meant to foster unity and joy with pumpkin-inspired dishes, lively music, and themed activities.

As a Zombie Town inhabitant, your attendance is mandatory, plunging you into the center of this extraordinary cultural event. The festival is more than a mere celebration; it's a testament to the community's resilience and willingness to adapt. You will immerse yourself in the festivities, sampling new tastes, embracing different beats, and engaging in unique games while navigating your undead peers' intricate social landscape. The Undead Festival is where your story begins.

Need help becoming a zombie?



Emperor OF Zombie Town

Ashes leads the newly formed Zombie Town as the brave and hard-nosed dictator. During the takeover, Ashes self-appointed the title of Emperor. It is apparent that Ashes has some deep-rooted ego issues. 

Ashes was a former Hollywood movie star before becoming infected with the H5N1 Zombie Virus.  This emperor will get what is requested or throw an angry tirade.  Double-crossing Ashes is unwise.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Regal yet tattered clothing. Zombie makeup: scars/skeleton showing and heavy white/black makeup on the face. Optional to have a scepter and an emperor’s robe/crown.


Zombie Town Chief of Police
Coppa is Ashes the Emperor’s right-hand zombie. As the police chief, it’s Coppa’s responsibility to make sure the town runs smoothly and that the zombie citizens lawfully conduct themselves. Coppa has had a difficult time recently with the growing frustrations with the cravings for living human flesh.  Not a crowd favorite, Coppa has wretched manners and is outright rude.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing, zombie makeup, a messy wig with a police hat, and a toy gun/baton as optional props.


Zombie Town Real Estate Agent

Keejack assumed the role of the official Zombie Town Real Estate Agent the day the zombies took over Sunnyville. With no conventional financial system in town, Keejack’s purpose is to solve all disagreements involving property acquisitions.

 Keejack’s a nightmare to work with, as this prior defense attorney is an incessant trash-talker. Keejack is also bluntly honest. If you fear the truth, avoid this undead fiend at all costs! 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig is an optional prop. Optional to have an assortment of keys to properties around town as a prop.

Zombie Town Repair Shop Owner

In the last three weeks since the zombies took over Sunnyville, Darebait hasn’t made many friends. This zombie is uptight, inflexible, and impersonal, making Darebait unpleasant to be around.

This undead body tailor runs the Zombie Repair Shop where zombies must go to have their body parts reattached. Darebait puts on a front as a real zombitarian but is more of a vigilante, using connections on the streets of Zombie Town to cause havoc with troublemakers.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. Optional to wear work-style coveralls/overalls or a lab coat. Make ‘spare parts’ by stuffing pantyhose/socks/gloves and keep them with you as optional props.


Zombie Town Chef
Egorian is a spunky former college student from Sunnyville University who has assumed the role of the town chef in Zombie Town. Egorian is a culinary genius who makes zombie-worthy dishes from the unfortunate humans who wander into Zombie Town. Egorian continuously mocks others and is greedy and overzealous. Avoid situations where Egorian could take advantage of you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to wear a chef’s hat/coat and carry a toy chef’s knife and spatula.

Zombie Town Comedian
Fun-Fun was a bored fifth-grade history teacher when among the living, but once Fun-Fun joined the undead, s/he pursued a lifelong dream of being a standup comic!  With an intense fear of germs, keep your distance from this uber-hygienic undead. Fun-Fun is sure to keep a safe distance from you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring a rubber chicken or wear a silly costume and latex gloves or hand sanitizer for your hands.


Zombie Town Bounty Hunter
A perfectionist by heart, Gogeya (for ‘gonna get ya’) is the top bounty hunter in Zombie Town. If a criminal’s on the loose or if a human enters Zombie Town, Gogeya tracks ‘em down by dawn.  Gogeya is arrogant and conceited and believes nobody in town is better looking.  Gogeya regularly admires their undead face in anything with a reflection. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered bounty hunter-style clothing, zombie makeup, a messy bleached-blonde ‘mullet’ wig as an optional prop, and an optional handheld mirror.


Zombie Town Joke Shop Owner
Don’t trust the fun-loving party animal and prankster zombie that answers to the name of Harg. On the other hand, this joke shop owner is the one to be around at a party!  Harg has tricks hidden in every sleeve and surprises around every corner, so you better watch your back around this mischievous fun-provoker!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tacky, tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring a Post-it notepad and pen and any other practical jokes.


Zombie Town Prisoner
Ice, a former high school principal in Sunnyville, was imprisoned for hiding a cluster of humans in an attic after the zombies took over Sunnyville. Ice is serving an undetermined amount of time for being sympathetic to the living but was given a pass out of jail to attend the Undead Festival. Beware if you don’t like close-talkers, as this zombie stands uncomfortably close during chats. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing, zombie makeup, a messy wig as, an optional prop, and a prisoner uniform (there are prison uniforms in the costume selection above).


Zombie Town Street Performer
Hailing from France, Jacque Zombie hit the Hollywood big screen as a child. By fifteen, Jacque left the bustling Hollywood lifestyle for small-town living in Sunnyville. Jacque Zombie is now working as a street performer in Zombie Town.  Alas, don’t go to this undead for a cheering-up if you’re sad or angry, as Jacque will spread a lousy mood to others like warm butter on toast.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattering clothing, zombie makeup, a messy wig, and a fake acoustic guitar (or other street-performing item) are optional props.


Zombie Town Television Reporter
Storie is the tenacious Zombie Town investigative reporter for ZTTV. If there’s a story in Zombie Town to tell, Storie’s right on top of it.  An insatiable neighborhood gossip, don’t spill the beans to Storie if you don’t want your secrets to be blasted out on every street corner of Zombie Town by the next dawn.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. A fake microphone that has a logo ZTTV on it as an optional prop. Optional to wear a reporter costume. 


Zombie Town Military Commander
Pow has recently been deemed the Zombie Town Military Commander. With the future of Zombie Town uncertain, Ashes thought it was best to organize a military operation.  Pow is full of random bursts of energy and will break into song at arbitrary times. Pow is typically seen with multiple members of the Zombie Town Military, as they are constantly undergoing field training.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing, zombie makeup, and a messy wig as an optional prop. Any type of military props (e.g., hats, toy guns, medals, etc.) are optional.


Zombie Town Pumpkin Patch Guard
If you chat with Squash, get ready to endure intricate fine points and facts. Squash will overexplain things when asked, so you have been warned. Just clear your calendar for a bit if you need to speak to this guard of the Zombie Town pumpkin patch. The patch is one of the most important resources in town.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring small pumpkins as optional props.


Cemetery Guard
Grave is the mysterious cemetery guard at Sunnyville Memorial Cemetery.  It’s rumored that the H5N1 Zombie Virus can bring the dead back to life and Grave might have dabbled with revival experiments. However, the effects of resurrection are unknown, so Ashes has forbidden anyone to revive a dead person by infecting the corpse with the zombie virus.  Nobody knows anything about Grave’s past, which makes a few zombies uneasy.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop.


Zombie Town Rock Stars
The Departed is the top rock band in Zombie Town. They will be the headlining act at the Undead Festival.  Numb fronts the band with high energy and talented vocal skills. Numb is also a romantic poet who performs at the Undead Poets Lounge. Armed with perfect manners and an adoring personality, this is one sincere and lovable zombie.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing - rocker-style. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to have fake microphone and fake instruments for the band members playing with Numb.


Zombie Town Scientist
Professor Kapsid, a former professor at Sunnyville University, is an arrogant exaggerator.  This professor might win you over with Australian charm, but don’t be fooled – this scientist cares about one thing and one thing only…Professor Kapsid.  Let this crazy doc have the final say, or you might not like the outcome.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mad Scientist costume – crazy wig, glasses, lab coat, zombie makeup. Beakers, test tubes as optional props.

Zombie Town Pumpkin Patch Farmer
Arg is a passionless pumpkin patch farmer.  When Arg speaks - the words are callous and lack a shred of emotion. This farmer has never laughed at a joke or so much as cracked a smile at a song. To no surprise, this fiend doesn’t get along too fabulously with other zombies!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing (i.e., overalls). Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. It is optional to have mini pumpkins and a fake shovel/rake with you as props.


Zombie Town casino manager
Bugsy is the frugal and overly inquisitive manager of the Corpsicana Casino of Zombie Town. Known as a genius, this wicked zombie will entertain you with over-the-top humor and snort-filled laughter.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An old, tattered suit. The additional employees should wear tattered casino dealer’s outfits.  Zombie makeup. Optional to have casino chips, dice, and /or cards as optional props.

Cotour designs all of the fashionable zombie attire in the zombie fashion store The Gauze Shed. This fashion icon is quite an untrustworthy gossip and spouts unverified rumors around town with an irritating, whiny, high-pitched voice. Cotour tries to predict the future for anyone who will listen. As far as these predictions being correct - only the future will tell.  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing with fashionable gauze accessories (i.e., a scarf and /or headband made out of gauze). Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop.


If you’re looking for an elusive, mysterious, and unpredictable zombie, you might run into Hyde. Interestingly enough, this unemployed zombie lives in the forest behind the cemetery with a horde of unemployed friends. They’re known for randomly impersonating the animals in the forest. Known as the weakest zombie in town, Hyde might not be strong, but devious is Hyde's middle name!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Extremely tattered clothing with leaves and branches as optional props (you live in the forest). Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop.

The over-emotional Jace Myers lives in the shadows of Zombie Town with a horde of fellow serial killers. Jace had big dreams of becoming an American Pop Idol before catching the H5N1 virus three weeks ago. Jace’s friends were set to be the soon-to-be-famous backup singers and dancers but also contracted the undead virus. But now, Jace is a zombie without a purpose and deeply envious of the living. Jace attempts to assimilate into the normal zombie life but is finding it difficult. A killer without a victim is a ticking time bomb!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered but trendy pop star clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to have a hockey mask and a fake knife/sword as props.

More backstory of your zombie mystery:

A few cute zombies eating pumpkins in a shopping center..jpg

Three weeks after the devastating H5N1 Zombie Virus outbreak, Sunnyville transformed into Zombie Town, quarantined by the CDC as the federal government issued stark warnings. Despite the secrecy, the crisis led to the creation of a vaccine halting further spread, leaving Zombie Town's unique citizens - decomposing yet upstanding - isolated due to their new, unnerving craving for human flesh.

Amidst growing global awareness, the Save a Zombie Alliance advocated for peace, leading to negotiations between Ashes, Zombie Town's leader, and the U.S. President. A tentative truce dictates that zombies stay within town limits while humans wandering into Zombie Town accept the risks.

Despite finding sustenance in pumpkins, the townsfolk's cravings persist, stirring unrest. In response, Ashes organizes the Undead Festival to lift spirits with festivities centered around pumpkin cuisine, music, and games. As a resident, your attendance is expected. This is where your story begins.

here's a video from two teens trapped in Sunnyville right after the virus became an epidemic

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