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Stop getting offended for stupid stuff and let's catch the porch pirate.

Just wanna call out two heathens - that I won't name THIS time. Last Saturday night, they were hootin and hollerin and stirring up all kinds of trouble for the McAlister's (the two folks above) who live in Lot 56). Listen, people of Spring Meadows, we are the affluent park. We do not squabble with neighbors over cigar smoke haze drifting over onto your lot. Fresh air is fresh air and meant to be enjoyed by all - even cigar smokers. Cut out the drama. Be better. If you don't like the cigar smoke drifting over onto your lot. You have every right to get a fan and make sure it doesn't blow your way - problem solved.

I'm just adding this photo as a reminder. Remember when Lucinda Loggings was peepin in on everyone's trailer? She was doing this for days and everyone would tell me but they didn't have evidence and Lucinda always had a fake alibi. Then, you finally got me the proof so I could make her stop.

Well, this porch pirate in Henpecked Junction has been stealing from us for a YEAR NOW. They have carte blanched (or whatever that saying is) to our porches here in Spring Meadows and they incessantly steal our packages - and most of the time, it's in broad daylight. This thief is a MASTERMIND, I swear. We all need to keep our heads on swivels and stay vigilant. GET PHOTOS! Let's catch this creep! I'll give $10 to anyone who can give me valid information that leads to their capture but I want and need PHOTOS of him or her in the act of taking a package.

Where do you think the porch pirate lives?

  • Spring Meadows - there's no way, but I'll put it here

  • Summer Gardens - most likely

  • Winter Hills

  • Fall Pines

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