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Mullet Fest is Fixin to be HERE!

Hey, y'all. It's the town celeb, Myrtle Swineboggler. The Fab-40-year-young classy gal with the tales of the town. For those of you who are new to subscribe to my blog, I'm a local celeb of Henpecked Junction - a rather famous town make up of a town square surrounded by four trailer parks - Summer Gardens, Winter Hills, Fall Pines, and the best and most affluent one that I am the manager of - Spring Meadows.

The first thing I want to cover in today's article is a reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN! No matter what time of year - the sun can get ya. Don't be like Jesse from Summer Gardens Trailer Park (ahem...)..

Next - Mullet Fest Tickets are now for sale, so pick yours up before they run out. They only bought so many, so there's that. Not that you can't just sneak in from ten thousand directions. And we are not going to act like nuthouse rats this year and destroy the fun. Last year many folks from Summer Gardens started acting like cave men and women and done vandalized the portable johns and tipped one over with my friend Earl who owns Custom Cornholes. He was traumatized from that! This year, there will be even more attractions.

I got a sneak peek of the festivities, because I'm Myrtle Swineboggler, and here is a list of some things I saw:

  1. Beverage Pong Tourney

  2. Tater Sack Races

  3. Toilet Paper Toss

  4. Hatchett Toss

  5. Fishin' Tourney - kayaks this time

  6. Muddin' events all day - trucks, ATVs, toddlers,

  7. Hosin' station for those of you who get messy

  8. Tats and Tiaras - get a tattoo and shop for beauty pageant dresses and accessories.

  9. Mullet Cuts - they are setting up a salon and stylists will man the booth all day

  10. Custom Cornholes - my friend Earl will be there with his brother-in-law to help design your next cornhole set.

  11. The main stage will have all kinds of performances with Kid Cooter Band at 7 PM Woo hooooo

  12. For eats - hot dogs, nachos, and Flo's Fry Palace will serve up anything you can imagine - FRIED! I think this year, they are adding Fried COFFEE! How delicious!

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