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Last Will and Testament of Roland Kingsley

Roland Kingsley, a distinguished American businessman, investor, and philanthropist, rose to fame as the visionary behind Yipper, the world's leading social media platform. His journey to success, marked by the creation of both groundbreaking technology and numerous adversaries, recently culminated in his recognition by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest individuals globally, with an estate valued in the billions.

The news of his unexpected death last Tuesday sent shockwaves around the globe. Although the coroner initially ruled it a suicide, the controversial circumstances surrounding his demise have led to public outcry for a more thorough investigation. Amidst this turmoil, you've been summoned by the family's attorney to attend the reading of Roland's Last Will and Testament at the secluded Kingsley Mansion in Godley Hollow. Here, at the crossroads of mystery and legacy, your journey commences.






Robin Kingsley is one of the wealthiest people in Godley Hollow. A tycoon who dabbles in many areas, Robin is best known for founding the top music production company, Kingsley Records. An avid botanist on the side, Robin nurtures nearly an acre of greenhouses and an assortment of flower gardens. On a personal level, Robin is ruthless and brutally honest, but one might expect that from a person filled to the brim with ambition and power.

For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Designer attire. Optional fake money coming out of your pockets. Elaborate costume jewelry.




Bobby Underhill is an eccentric artifact collector. A former dealer, Bobby has traveled to distant lands to find exotic items to sell at Klaus Auctions, the most famous auction house in the world, located in Godley Hollow. An experienced jet-setter and accomplished academic with multiple college degrees, Bobby knows a little bit about everything. Once known around the globe for financing archaeological digs, Bobby was just hired by Roland Kingsley as Roland’s private bone collector.

For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Adventurer attire. A Safari hat, whip, binoculars, etc., are great optional props.




Grayson Green is the ruthless executive at RBC Television Station.  Grayson will do anything to get a story first, so if you have newsworthy secrets, you should stay clear of this meddler. Grayson has just been served with lawsuit papers and is being sued for defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and emotional distress by Roland Kingsley.  Grayson has refused to comment on the issue.

For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Professional attire (suit). Optional: something to record with (i.e., smartphone), &/or take notes on.




Pat Kingsley is a gregarious pop star from the town of Godley Hollow. Recently signed by Kingsley Records, Pat has risen to the top of the charts with the hit song Breakin’ the Chainz.  People say everything Pat touches turns to gold, so it’s wise to stay in Pat’s shadows if you are seeking fame and fortune. Pat’s a dedicated friend and a blast to be around. Pat hasn’t been home to Godley Hollow since the world tour began six months ago. People are speculating that Pat and Roland’s marriage may have been on the rocks at the time of his death.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Pop star attire. Be as wild and wacky as your heart desires.




Professor Wynne Kingsley is an absent-minded professor at Godley Hollow University. Inquire about archaeology and get blown away with intellectual facts. Ask about anything else; you’ll be put to sleep with bland, monotonous babbles. To no surprise, Wynne Kingsley is an avid fossil collector. Wynne’s had a gambling problem in the past, and rumor has it that Wynne has been in financial trouble over the last few years. Only time will tell if this is true.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

  Suggested attire: Professional attire with an adventurer twist. Optional to have a lab coat &/or taped nerd glasses as an alternative.




Ocean Yates is the top criminal defense attorney in Godley Hollow. If freedom is your desire, you want this obnoxious defender on your side of the courtroom - even if you’re guilty of murder! Ocean makes ambulance chasers look like members of the Peace Corps!  Maybe it goes with the job, but Ocean is a compulsive liar who habitually makes use of manipulation, bribery, and blackmail. A test tube baby of a Harvard scholar, Ocean recently found out that Roland Kingsley was the anonymous DNA donor father.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Power suit in navy or black. Hair styled impeccably.




Bailey Black is the peculiar librarian at Godley Hollow University who speaks with dark words. A poet since childhood, Bailey can often be caught performing at the local poetry club. This doom-and-gloomer will extract the life force from any conversation, so beware when you chat with this moping bookworm. Bailey is Roland Kingsley's stepchild from Roland’s first marriage. Bailey is a widow and recently lost a spouse due to a prop plane accident. Roland Kingsley was the pilot, and Dr. Peyton Payne was the attending physician.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: An all-black librarian costume, a conservative button-up with a bow tie, and glasses. You can also go full nerd, Gothic, or a combo of both!




Dr. Peyton Payne is a caring family doctor at Godley Hollow Family Clinic. Dr. Payne has a superb bedside manner but often spews horrible jokes during check-ups. Dr. Payne also works shifts at the Godley Hollow Emergency Room and runs a clinical research program at Godley Hollow University. Once accused of being an Angel of Death who euthanizes terminally ill and elderly patients, Dr. Payne has officially been acquitted of all charges due to a lack of evidence.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Doctor costume. Wear scrubs/lab coat. Any doc-related props are optional. Or, you can do a mad scientist twist on the costume.




Chef Indigo is the beloved pastry chef and owner of Indy’s Treats – the town’s busiest bakery on Bleak Street. Chef Indigo has been baking for over a decade and has recently been in talks for a reality show. However, the townsfolk love their privacy and the seclusion the isolated town confers. The last thing the residents of Godley Hollow want are cameras lurking about the streets. Indy moved to Godley Hollow from Canada decades ago.

  For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Chef’s hat and apron. Or, if you want to wear a chef’s uniform – go for it.




Piper Kingsley is bursting with charisma!  That’s how Piper can swoop into any situation and get the scoop. Be careful of what you disclose to this ambitious blogger, as Piper is always trying to get an angle for a blog-worthy story! Piper’s blog, playfully named Piper’s Place, has over 8 million loyal followers from around the globe. Having Piper break a scandalous story on you is far worse than the local news media reporting one. Piper earned a college degree in economics.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Hipster, trendy attire, a reporter costume, a business suit, etc. Have a way to take notes or record (e.g., smartphone).




Sage Abbey is an infamous millionaire and art collector who hails from Italy. Sage is currently traveling the globe in search of rare pieces of art and Hollywood collectibles. This Italian hothead has difficulty controlling bursts of anger when things don’t go as planned. Sage visited the dreary town of Godley Hollow to attend a special session at Klaus Auctions. However, Sage didn’t win the auction of a historical dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK. Sage thought Roland Kingsley was a friend but found out otherwise the fateful night at the auction house.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Upscale, designer attire, or an adventurer costume. You are rich, so make your attire functional (e.g., adventurer) or expensive.




Devyn Banks is a hardworking pharmaceutical chemist.  This scientist works around the clock in search of a treatment for many rare diseases, such as cytopheria - a rare genetic disease that affects the skin and nervous system. Devyn puts in more hours than the CEO of ZEXO Pharmaceuticals and is determined to find the cure for many rare diseases.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Lab jacket over casual attire. You can put a mad scientist twist on your costume if you desire.




Jaiden Cane is a murder mystery novelist from southern Louisiana.  Jaiden moved to Godley Hollow about eight months ago to gain inspiration for a new project. However, the project didn’t pan out, and now Jaiden is doing everything possible to overcome a severe case of writer’s block.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Trendy yet whimsical attire. Sherlock Holmes/Detective twist if you desire. Pipe & magnifying glass as optional props.




Britt Danson is a competitive eater who was born and raised in the gloomy town of Godley Hollow. Now, Britt leads an exciting life, traveling the globe in search of the most challenging food competitions. Britt is a familiar face on the Foodie Network and a merciless food critic on social media food sites such as YumYum and NomNosh.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Terry cloth headband and wristbands with semi-formal dinner party attire. Or, dress as your favorite food! Why not?




Every day at 7 PM, Cameron Evergreen’s face is front and center of television screens across Godley Hollow. Cameron is a determined news anchor for RBC TV who suffers from a severe case of social anxiety.  However, Cameron doesn’t let that get in the way because if ambition were money, Cameron would be the world’s first trillionaire.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

 Suggested attire: A business suit, reporter costume, or business casual. A toy microphone and/or notepad are optional props.




Rowan Farson is a Hollywood icon. This haughty celeb has mansions around the globe but claims the favorite one is in the hometown of Godley Hollow. Rowan uses the estate in this isolated town as a relaxation retreat between filming big-budget films and living it up in a penthouse in Las Vegas. The locals call the property the ‘Farson Compound,’ which is hidden from paparazzi on the outskirts of town.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Upscale and trendy formal dinner party attire. Be as glamorous as you believe a Hollywood icon would be.




Avery Gobe is a former blackjack dealer from glamorous Las Vegas casinos on the strip. However, Avery grew tired of working long hours and moved back home to Godley Hollow. Avery currently lives in the basement of the family home and is 'kind of' searching for a job. Avery loves to play video games and claims to be an aspiring professional gamer. Getting a job would detract from the time it will take Avery to hone the skills necessary for the big gaming leagues.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: Casual attire. T-shirt, jeans with holes or pajamas.  Don't appear ‘employable.’ A video game t-shirt would be awesome.



If you haven’t visited Olly’s website, All About Olly, you have no idea what’s going on in the world of celebs. Olly is famous for uncovering juicy gossip about celebrities, business icons, and politicians. Olly’s blog has reaped negative attention over the years, and some claim Olly only writes about people with no benefit to Olly. Take a moment to read the blogs, follow the tabloids, and be the judge.

 For more information about this character, click here. 

Suggested attire: A reporter costume or business casual. A toy microphone &/or notepad as optional props.

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